Black People : In 2012 Chicago has produced more hip hop millionaires than any other time in the cities history

G Ali

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Jul 9, 2012
I ran across this in an online's good to hear about the Chi for something other than the crazy violence.

The Year of New Chicago HipHop Millionaires.

According to records obtained from our friends at, The National Bank Association, and the National Credit Union, Chicago has produced the most hiphop millionaires in 2012 than any other time in the city's history. From major deals given to artists to independent record companies increasing their incomes, Chicago has made its stamp on hiphop in 2012. Major Record labels have given the most record deals to Chicago hiphop artists in 2012 than any time in history. We have compiled a list of Chicago's hiphop artists, producers, label owners, and many more who have earned or gained a networth of over a million dollars in 2012.

1. $3.6million-Lawless Inc (with Larro Wilson & John Monopoly)

Lawless Inc. is owned by Kanye West's former manager John Monopoly and ultra creative Larro Wilson. They gained most of their income from the flagship signing of emerging Chicago hiphop artist King L whom they helped land a lucrative multi-million dollar deal with Epic/Sony.

2. $3.4million- Chief Keef

Chicago rapper and YouTube sensation Chief Keef emerged on the scene with his multi million view video"bang" which launched his career and landed him the biggest recording contract given to any Chicago hiphop artist in 2012. When he released "Dont like" Interscope Records offered him a lucrative record deal which included a publishing deal, a BeatsByDre deal, and his own record label GBE which made him the youngest major label owner ever.Chief Keefs new album is due out before Feb. 2013

3. $3.1million- Im On Ent. (With Antwan "payday" Price & D. Lawrence)

Rumors have spread that by the end of 2012 Im On Entertainment C.E.O Antwan Price had teamed up with entertainment industry expert D.Lawrence to create the most lucrative independent record label in Chicago. With the partnering, The Im On Ent. brand has recently been making very strategic deals with liquor companies, venues such as the Regal theater, and has a 2013 tour in the works which is estimated to bring in over $17million dollars.

4. $2.7million-King L

The rapper signed a deal through Lawless Inc. with Epic/Sony expanding his income with a multi million dollar deal. The artist gained most of his income from the major record deal and shows, he is also working on his new album which is expected to be due 2013.

5. $2.4million- YoungChop

Producer Young Chop took over the national and Chicago hiphop scene with the smash hit "Dont Like" which instantly caught the attention of Chicago native Kanye West and earned him a deal with Def Jam. The Chicago producer has produced songs for platinum selling artist Big Sean and many more and he also has his own music group. With hits that has gotten most Chicago hiphop artists thier deals this year, Young Chop earned his millions by producing some of the biggest rap hits of the year.

6. $2.1million-YungFlyEnt

YungFlyEnt is the biggest hiphop entertainment and concert promotions company in Chicago. YungFlyEnt throws and promotes some of the biggest events and concerts in Chicago and brings some of the biggest stars to the city. It is estimated that the company brought in seven figures of income in 2012.

7. $1.8million- Rockie Fresh
The Chicago rapper has been building his fanbase for a couple of years, but in 2012 he was signed to one of the biggest hiphop labels, Rick Ross' MMG, which is rumored that he signed a lucrative million dollar deal with the company. Rocky Fresh earned his income this year from the major signing and performing sell-out shows.

8. $1.6million- Lil Durk

Chicago rapper Lil Durk emerged on the scene with his hit "L's Anthem" which gained him a major deal with Def Jam. Lil Durk is currently in the studio working on his debut album and another mixtape. He earned his income from the major record deal with Def Jam.

9. $1.5million- L.E.P (with Count and Moonie)
This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

The L.E.P Bogus Boys combined is worth an estimated six figures each. They made their income this year from touring the country doing shows and appearances. They have been in the studio working on new music.
10. $1.4million- @DGainz

Videographer and Video Director D-Gains has created a mini empire with his YouTube videos, with millions and millions of views. D-Gains also produced the hit single "Go In" and he has his own artist, Spenzo.

11. $1.3million- Lil Reese

Chicago rapper Lil Reese has built a huge fan base and created a smash hit "Us", Which Drake and Rick Ross graced the remix and created a radio hit. Lil Reese inked a deal with Def Jam and is in the process of recording his new album.

12. $1.2million-DJ Pharris

Veteran Disc Jockey DJ Pharris had a networth of seven figures in 2012 due to shows and his long standing relationship with Chicagos biggest radio station.

13. $1.1million- YP

Rapper YP signed a major deal with Universal Republic and is working on new music for his album.

Veteran rappers networths include Kanye West at $90million
Common at $35million
Lupe Fiasco at $ 9 million
and Twista at $7million

Some say that 2012 was the year of Chicago music, What do you think?

G Ali

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Jul 9, 2012
Although that sounds like its a good thing but in reality most of these guys are the devils agents hired to destroy our youths minds with mindless and senseless music, its a double edged sword.

I don't approve of a lot of the ignorance that comes from our MC's, but I've never subscribed to the ideal that entertainers have this power. How can they destroy what I strengthen daily...(my own child's and the youth in the community). A superstars influence can't begin to match that of a dedicated parent.


Mar 26, 2003
and let me add that it's a shame that no i.d. or diverse is no where even close to this list...

one love

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