Black People : I'M PISSED, lets do the Holy Jihad


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Apr 16, 2001

Would you agree that, WE TOO are also still fighting our ancestors' and "other folks" ancestors' wars as well? And when it's all done, (and God willing we're still here), WHO'S GONNA FIGHT "OUR WAR?" (drugs,education, poverty, politically and economically disenfranchised,etc.) Will they be as willing to take up our causes after the fighting's over or will be a repeat of US history?

Just thought it was worth asking...


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Mar 21, 2001

I don't believe some of the comments I just read above. Since when did 'BLACK & CITIZEN' in this country, become synonymous? Have you all lost your minds? We are more likely to be imprisoned for crimes that they receive probation for; more likely to be pulled over and harrased by Police who are paid with our tax dollars; we are more likely to be body searched than they are.
This country hates and despises us! Its leaders have steadfastly refused to publicly apologize for the atrocities poured upon our ancestors by theirs, during that abominable period of slavery! They have however, made recompense to the Japanese who they held as prisoners of war in a legit WAR!

Why was there not a call for war after the US Embassy in Africa was bombed killing over 300 people, most of them Africans? Have you all forgotten that it was this same Bush, who during one of his campaign debates said that AFRICA is NOT a US PRIORITY?

Does any of you know of a history school book which speaks of the bravery of the Tuskeegee airmen? Or any that praises the unmatched bravery of the Buffallo soldiers? Is there any place in their cultural landscape where they openly recognize the contributions made to civilization by the African?

They have portrayed us to the international community as thugs, theives, and run of the mill criminals by means of the Hollywood propaganda arm!
They just recently walked out of a conference on racism in South Africa, only because the conference had adopted language that painted ISRAEL as racist and genocidal. Do you think they would have left if anyone had proclaimed the Hutu or Tutsi as racist or genocidal? FOR JAH SAKES PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!

But I know what it is: they allow some of you food to eat, and a piece of the 'American Dream' and you think all is well. Well maybe you've forgotten OJ Simpson! He had it all, he thought he'd become a member of that club too!
And what happened? If his *** was broke he would have gotten the chair!!! Contrast him with Dupont(yes the owner of all Dupont businesses) who a few years ago shot and killed(at point blank range!) one of his employees, who it was reputed was his lover.. where did that end up? Has the media been hounding him? Has any of you seen his image on every TV ststion? Hell no!

Maybe you all have forgotten that African in NY who they filled with lead; or the college student shot in the back like a dog, or Rodney King, or all the poeple framed by Rampart in LA; or the sixty something year old man shot dead in Miami?

I say this to say: How easy we forgot. And as the saying goes, those who forget are doomed to repeat the mistakes(in our case atrocities) of the past.


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Apr 6, 2001
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I have not forgotten!!! And I will not forget!!! I also recall recently when the police also killedd a couple of young men in ohio over an incident they had their a few months back. They were rioting for weeks. I have not forgotten. I assure you. I have two brothers.. one of which is in prison.. the other is only 19 and where i'm from where it is predominantly white.. My brother dropped out of school and they had refused to let him back in.. he is only 19 and need 3 classes. Needless to say he is in school now.. But everyday I am truly reminded. I have a black male at my own job who I feel has forgotten.. or fail to see. And hates on me for where I am. I see all this. I am not blind. Lets put it this way... I can walk down a busy street reading the paper and never bump into a soul... i'm always watching...

But also.. you have to understand that even though I haven't forgotten.. I have to put aside... my differences and views with the government.. for this is my home.. this is many Americans homes.. personally.. I don't want to go live in Africa..,.. my dream is to build me a nice home in my country town where all of my family down to my great-grand parents reside.. for in my eyes.. that is my history. I refuse to hate the present white race for their ancestors bad deeds... But also do not support any part of the white race that i feel may hurt or offend my own. I work in a predominantly white office.. with arabs and hispanics.. They have done nothing to me and I treat them as human beings.. but nevertheless.. I know where i stand amongst many. I don't live the american dream either.. nor do i believe in it. I don't feel a need to go in La La Land unless I have to. :D I know and see the many fatalities and issues within our own country... But if we don't protect our country then what will any of us stand on.... This is my country and i for one will support it until it crumble regardless of our personal differences. I was taught not to mix business with pleasure... You know its funny though.. because i heard on the news.. Atlanta was a target.. between 9:00am and 9:30am I was downtown by many of those federal building that evacuated.. I was walking out to the train station down below the CNN building when an hour later they were supposably had evacuated.. and i ask myself.. What if that was atlanta.. I would not be here today.. to protest and ***** and complain about our government... and everyday i go to work downtown... I still think about that because at any time.. it can happen... to make it so bad.. when you have a coworker come in your office and tell you that they just saw five polices cars 2 black suburbans and some cars drive by with guns in the car.. you tend to worry.

Now let me ask you this question. Do you want to fight for blacks right.. or do you want to make sure that we have a country to fight for those rights in first?


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Mar 21, 2001
How could I put this??

much love and respect to you. I like you, find it necessary to seek my bread amongst those of other races; and also like you, I do not hate them for the sins of the past. However, unlike you I refuse to buy into the philosophy that any plot of ground could be 'my country' or 'your country' - It is written " The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof" as a consequent, none of this belongs to any of us. It is the greedy power brokers of this world who manifested the idea of borders and the insanity of nationalities, and they have sold it to the masses under the guise of patriotism and nationalism. Think of this: A snake could cross the border between Mexico and America, between Canada and America, and never be subjected to any type of interrogation- this is how far we have descended. In essence, what we call our homes viz a viz a country, is not our home. THE EARTH IS YOUR HOME. It is, in my opinion, the equivalent of telling someone that you live on such and such street- If you live there, then what are you when you are not there? Are you dead? If you traveled "overseas" outside of what is called America- where would you be, on another planet? We as a people in mass have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by this false doctrine for too long.

Your words: " I refuse to hate the present white race for their ancestors bad deeds... But also do not support any part of the white race that i feel may hurt or offend my own."

For refusing to hate I commend you; but I am curious to know why you would be willing, as you seem to be, to go fight and perhaps die in a war for a country which has insulted those brave black men who fought in all of the previous wars this country has been in? Would you allow anyone to come to the house you reside in with your family and consistently harass, kill and maim your family members? And even if you did. Would you then turn around and go kill and maim on behalf of that same person/s? Think about it? Anything that was ever done to a black person in this country could be done to you today. The recent killing of James Bird in Texas riveted in my mind that the kill a ****** mentality is well and alive in this country. Never mind they are always saying that these people make up a small part of the population and exist on the fringe- It only takes one match in the right circumstances to burn a building to the ground-

Wouldn't it be reasonable then to say then that they 'have' come to our house and killed, harassed, and maimed? I consider all acts of terrorism(which is what this killing and harassment amounts to) against BLACK PEOPLE in this country to be an act of terrorism against me- for was it me standing at the door of that African who they shot full of lead in NY, the blackness of my skin would have rendered me a victim-

We've died alongside them fighting the Germans! The Japanese! The Koreans & the Viet Congs! to name a few! And I can assure you that they would quicker invite to their houses, and associate with- these former enemies of theirs, than they would with your 'black *** or mine" !!! Do you know of any Germans who are routinely stopped and searched, sent off to prison, or shot to death in these streets as if it is nothing? Do you know of a Japanese or Korean or Viet Cong who faces the ******** we have faced and continue to face in this place you call "home"? And these are the people who they called evil, who they said we have to eliminate. These are the same people who they sent many black people to fight and kill. Today, most of these same people have absolutely no respect for our race! After the fighting and bloodletting, they shake hands interact with each other and leave us in our usual place.. "outside looking in" What is it gonna be now? I guarantee you that if this goes to the stage of war, when it is all over and Negroes like you and others who're buying into this hysteria return "home"(if at all) battered and shell shocked over the carnage, they will welcome the Arabs into their circle, exclude our black *****; and there will be one more race of people in this country to spit on Black people.. Go ahead and fight if you must- but I thought I should say my say.

Love always.


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Mar 30, 2001
I too, have not forgotten...

this past sunday my city gave a memorial. there were several religious leaders (of all faiths) and music and prayer. it happened at the capitol steps which is just minutes from my house. i didn't participate. i'm not feeling this new patriotism. i didn't not buy a flag, display a flag, or salute the flag. i didn't say the pledge of allegience or stand for the national anthem before this and this won't change it. for i know that we african americans have suffered alot at the hands of americans. and as pointed out, have not received any apologies or acknowledgements from the government.

EZ it has come out that this may not even be the doing of Afgan or bid Laden. we don't really know who is responsible, do we?

I was bothered by the event, but not yet willing to go into their unknown territory risking the lives of more people. one the other board, someone compare that to us in Vietnam. I concur.

BTW, i like that there is more discussion going on here. Unfortunate that it took this event to get it going. I'd like to hear more on this and on other topics and concerns of Blax folks. Every voice should be heard.

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