Black People : I'M PISSED, lets do the Holy Jihad


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Sep 11, 2001
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Frankly, I'm pissed and as I see it the only language understood by the religious Muslim fanatics of Islamic factions that engage in Holy Jihads is to destroy them and the goverments that hosts them. I know this sounds cold but what other choice is there? This what Holy Jihads are about so lets play by their rules. They are still fighting their ancestors wars from the birth of Islam. It’s up to them to solve that, it’s not our responsibility. The world leading nations are at a point of being tired of the bullshiyt. Too late, no more silly-ahzed excuses. Time to set a clear and undeniable precedant and fight fire with fire.

Am I being hard-hearted?: No. It is survival of the fittest. It is war. They declared it and started it, talked all that Holy War shiyt, the USA/Nato will finish it. There is no point in any kind of existence under these conditions. There can be no functioning democracy when you live in this type of fear. Self-defense is not wrong but good and necessary.

Are these Muslim fanatics hard-hearted?: Yes. These factions have some time ago declared that ALL AMERICANS are targets, not just military personnel. And they proved it Sept 11. This was stated by these factions after the bombing of the USS Cole in the Persian Gulf. You American, you a TARGET. They don't care what race you are.

Everyone I have talked to: All agree that it is time for serious action. None of us are seeking indiscriminate bombing, or hurting innocent people. But, all agree these nations that support and harbor terrorists are complicite with them. So, they must be dealt a quick and decisive blow, JACKED!!

What of Excalation?: If it means total war until 'they' are completely destroyed, then that is how it must me. No more time for chicken-shiyt talk about being 'civil.' Remember they declared the Holy Jihad, so lets play!

Does retaliation make us as bad as them?: No. It means we are willing to stand up for ourselves and take a stand. And, I have no use any longer for weak-kneed talk of so-called civility. We see where such talk gets you when you are dealing with cult-fanatics. This is war. America was brought down with this blow, and uniting against this bullshiyt. We are a different nation today than whatever we were before Sept 11th. What we were before will never return. ***'em!



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Mar 30, 2001
Here we go....Bro

EZ, before the board went down, some of us were discussing how we don't really know who is to blame. The evidence it being pointed at bin Laden.

I was watchig the new the other day and arab expert said that bid Laden isn't just a man, he's a phenomenon. I recall the movie "The Siege" with Denzel Washington. The terrorist had cells. None not knowing what the other is doing but working as a totality. When one cell is lost another is ready to replace it. It seems that these people may be widespread in amercia. So we don't really know how and what extent we are dealing with. They were able to come in use our technology, learn our language and ways and use it against us. LIke i said on the other board, we are gonna need inside sources, spies sort of speak. And that will take time. They seem to deal with their deserter and dissentants (sp) worst than their enemies which keeps them under control.

I'm not wanting to rush to war, but want better protection on my own land.


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Apr 16, 2001

are just running wild about now. I too agree that we don't know who it is, how large it is, and how many cells, $$$, backing of other lands are involved. Whoever it was, and I'm not certain it's bin Laden, but don't know--it was carefully calculated and laid out...CALL IT WHAT WE MAY--holy war-Jihad-no one of us(Muslims, Jews, Christians) serves a fearful GOD and regardless of what we call it, the reality is this: alot more lives will be lost and more separation is to come.

Look at it now..MUSLIMS VS. U.S/"US"...My mate is Muslim. I am not; however, I REFUSE to participate in a war, holy or otherwise, based on so may unknowns.
I come from a media background (reporting) and I know that "TRUTH" can be told whatever way you choose to report it. The only truth for me so far is that thousands of lives were lost on 9/11. don't know how many lives have been lost over in their land and frankly, I've never even speculated or cared until reflecting the past week.

My feelings change from day to day. Today I'm thinking that we all have to get in touch with our GOD and let him guide us in our thoughts and actions. And whatever that means, HE will determine the outcome.



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Apr 6, 2001
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My Views. Personally I think all of you guys are on the right path but we really need to sit down and look at a lot of things here. Religion... first and foremost.. I'm going to take it back to our history...Now.. the reason why america was created in the first place.. people Europeans moved away from Great Britain.. Queen Elizabeth to worship their own religion because it was not allowed in their country. Since then... we have raped.. stolen.. cheated.. abused... polluted... robbed... and even in a sense misrepresented what we stand for. Well in my eyes.. all of what we thought we stood for.. is about to go out the door.

EZ: The violence baby.. surely you were not taught that as a child. I'm a baptist.. that is my religion.. but I personally am more spirtually inclined that religiously endowed... meaning i don't follow totally and i'm not ashamed to say so.. this allows me to keep an open mind.. but what is violence going to do.. I was taught.. by the bible to do unto others as you have them do unto you.. which is why I respect Bush for finding other alternatives rather than war.. right now.. those people would probably turn their back on those terrorist if we had treated like people in the first place... the reason why America went over their in the first place.. Mind you business.. America.. you made this between you and them... All over land.. materialistic values... where is our country heading.. if not to destruction.. personally If we weren't going to war with another country.. We would have soon had one amongst ourselves.. We need to get ourselves right before anything...


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Apr 6, 2001
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I had to shut down for a minute.. now back to my opinion. :x: Well anyways.. i tend to agree with Amirah on God... right now we need to spiritually get right with ourselves.. I'm blessed to know myself spiritually and i pray that others may find the way. But we need to find a better understanding with our religions and the other world or we need to cut ourselves off from those who are detrimental to us physically and spiritually as a whole.

Thandiwe: Is so right.. we don't know who it is.. well as for those who don't like making assumptions.. because Laden said that he was not the cause of the Two towers or the incident at the pentagon in I'm not mistaken. I pray that our choices from here on out are the right ones...

Now Kem: How could you say a thing like dhat.. I mean.. why dont' they just depart our ***** back to africa.. because... we are also or shall i say.. can be a threat to America... I agree about most of what you said though.. I think they need to have a stronger or a larger militia.. usually the militia(US) monitor or watch out for government offices or places they don't watch our for private owned business or airports.. things of that nature. and basically thats what they need to do.. They need to have security on all American grounds they should build a wall or gate around our country preventing aliens to come to our land and
at each gate should be an imigration department as well as an military facility to watch out for illegal ones trying to get pass those gates.. we just need to be on the look.. Like Bush said.. we are in preparations for a war... When you start your day monday.. You should proceed with caution.

EZ: back to babes.. this is Holy.. plain and simple.. their is no way to describe.. based on all the stuff i read and the news...this is nothing but a religious war... And i pray god help us all.. I sat last week and watch children.. innocent children on the news say live.. that we should kill those people that did that to us.. The news is international.. Do you know what that just made our country look like.. Well lets put it this way.. If we start beef with any other countries in between now and the issues with this country.. their will be no remorse.. and not even for a our children because they showed no remorse.. you reap what you so.. What goes around comes around.. and like those other countries.. We get what we deserve.. because now.. I see.. what we have done to those other countries.. how did i see it.. because it happened to our own...
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