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Nov 17, 2006
Hi all, thanks for your caring comments. I'm kind of back but not quite because as I was being rotated out of shelter ops in Houston and heading home to see my doggies, Florida put out a Southwest all call for Hurricane Irma which is expected to reach landfall this coming weekend. I am home for 30 hours before heading into "that" war zone then there is an alert for another Tropical depression following Hurricane Irma. Where are all these weather anomalies coming from? I have much good and not so good experiences to share but now's not the time, I am totally wiped and hopefully can power nap until it's time to redeploy. Everybody take care, thanks for sharing and most of all thanks for caring. GOD bless.

Glad you're safely back and regrouping for Irma, hopefully, Jose will dissipate or turn away from coastal land.

Can hardly wait to read about the experiences you encountered, but by then, Irma will necessitate a journal.:)

The question, "where are all these weather anomalies coming from" is worth asking, for sure. Its somewhat ironic that Hurricanes originate from the Atlantic Basin, which coincides with the Atlantic Slave trade route, I'm just saying, anyway, here's some food for thought:

Hurricanes And Slave Ships - Is There a Connection
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