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Dec 17, 2015
Well I've been missing... I hit rock bottom and at one point was sleeping on my sister's couch and she was not my real sister. Though at this time she told me about Kennedy-King College. Where I have learned not only how to spell college without a "d", but also living the life of a Black man in America.
At the young age of 40 I was not looking to find any information, from that school, that I would see fit to helping my situation at that time. Then I saw her check from school. She had over $500.00 and asked me to go to the store she would give me something for going. I said cool, but on the way walking I thought about what I would do with $500.00. So when I got home from the store I asked her what school you talking about. She said, "K K C you dumb ***".
The first time going up to the school, I must admit, is a tedious task. You will need to talk to so many people and wait for sooo long to do it. But the end results do justify the means and at the end my check was for $950.00. This is paid every semester, but I have been buying books lately and I don't get that much back now. I have been attending KKC since Jan of 2018. I have no hopes on stopping now. You thought I knew computers then, when I built the first crypto currency "The Titoub Dollar"...
As of two weeks ago I made "The Policy" Our collective Ideas on governing our selves. This is something that I see there is a need for. The thing I can't see is the thoughts of others, thus that is my main objective. I do have in the back works a "Ghetto Uber" super script named Chariot (credit to my cuz Bussie for naming it). though I wrote the script. Yes I have Time and room for that now. I sleep in my bed, in my house and now I drive my car.
So here is to all you who decided that school is not for you. Great!, it is not a place for you it's a place for me.


Nov 12, 2019
You fast tracked Kennedy King College in Chicago in 2018 and amassed a small fortune already? Teach me that. I am a junior in UM Loyola and am still eating Ramen Noodles for breakfast lunch and dinner.

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