Thank You Premium Members : IFE - Helping Keep Us Alive and Promoted to Premium Member.


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Thank You So Very Much IFE ... :bowdown:

Your account has been upgraded to Premium Membership status!

We need financial help to stay alive and I'm honored that you are willing to assist in this great way!

Be sure to check out and use all of the Premium Member Features you now have access to.

Again ... Thank You Very Much!

Much Love and Peace.



IFE ... Thank You Beloved ... :bowdown:

You are always so thoughtful ... always giving ... thank you for caring!

OMG Sister ... I just looked to see why did you have 2 threads for me to thank you for ... like maybe you paid twice in error or something ... so I was looking at the dates of the 2 threads ... and this one is from ... JANUARY 26, 2018! ... OMG ... Sister ... my apologies!

I see that I did not respond. I did not say thank you. I have made this error in times past ... but I really been try'n to do better.

I am just thanking you ... for the last time ... and ... the time before that!

Oh Sister ... please forgive me.

It aint like we got bunches of folk helping financially, that I can dare not celebrate when one does ... and not just ANY ONE ... but you beloved ... :love: ... you give and give and give and give again ... :love:

Thank You Sister!

Much Much Love and Peace!