Black People Politics : If Putin uses a nuclear weapon, do we all die?


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Jan 22, 2001
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I just find it peculiar that these super rich Russians don't have their own bodyguards, hired muscle who would have to be taken out also, especially if they were living outside of Russia.

Yes, that is peculiar. Weird.


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Jun 13, 2007
I don't get the impression that it is the mind's of the "higher up Russians" ... but instead ... just Putin. Even with the video you shared of the oligarchs dying, it suggests being a higher up Russian may not save you. Though, those higher ups, that are heard by Putin are probably saying exactly what he wants to hear, and nothing else.
I do not believe in 100% mind control of everybody. Most likely most of the Russian power elite believed that the Army would take the Ukraine quickly. But now they have strayed into unknown territory and Mr. Big is talking about throwing nukes around. Maybe some of them are actually more loyal to Russia than Putin.

We can only wait and see. But maybe some know their nukes are as bad as their army because of corruption and know that they would take more damage than they could dish out.

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