Black People Politics : If Putin uses a nuclear weapon, do we all die?


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Jun 14, 2018
Putin is like a ruthless evil chess player who has made a huge mistake. Used his queen for a check to have it taken by a knight he didn't notice. He underestimated the comedian president of the Ukraine and didn't know how bad the Russian army was. Now the Bear is in a trap.

Wouldn't be so sure bout that sentiment. The reasons he wants all of Ukraine aren't hard to figure. But I'm reasonably sure though he'd settle for the eastern region giving Russia access to the warm water ports they've for so long coveted.
In which case bonking his queen allowed him to promote that pawn forking both the offending knight and that pita Bishop protecting the flank of the King.

And if he fails it'll be because he's been studying (and copying ) the Amerikan game plan for too long.

Jan 22, 2001
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Hi Destee :heart:

Eye don't agree with Putin's tactics -- yet Eye know there is more behind the scenes that most have been told (e.g. as Eye have already posted) or even know about. What Eye disagree with is all the money the White House is flooding into Ukraine when there are serious issues in or own country that should be addressed FIRST. Ukraine is NOT one of the 50 states, yet it is predominantly non-black. Now when Haitians tried to come here they were turned away. ?Why?

Eye just wanna see how long it's gonna take for the news to surface that Jim Crow Joe is deeply involved in this fiasco than is being revealed.....!

Thanks, Destee :wave:

Thank you Sister for sharing with me! :)

I am not aware of anything more than surface details regarding the war.

It does appear that racism and hypocrisy are at play, but this is not new.

Thanks for answering the thread question. It seems the consensus is we will not all die, perhaps ... :eeek:

Love You!



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