Black Spirituality Religion : If One doesn't believe in God or the Devil? What does that...


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May 26, 2019
We all know about these folks that we so often refer to as Atheist, etc. aka::huh2: "none believers, etc." But allow me to ask this,:script: "If a man or woman doesn't believe in "God" or the Devil (Satan), what does that make the person?" Come on.... What's the name for this person?" Would he still be an "Atheist" simply because he or she shares no belief in our religious bible characters? Just :search:curious as what most of you would say....
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May 26, 2019
Well I guess if one does not believe in God , it's only fair to say that they would not believe in Satan, etc. What you think?:thinking:

Jan 22, 2001
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Hi @SwagII ... another good topic ... :)

How one feels about God / Satan / Spirituality is often quite personal and personalized.

I think it is possible for one to believe in Satan and not believe in God. If they said it, I'd believe them.

To try to fit them in a box like "atheist" might be difficult to do, especially if they have not put their own selves there.

Even the term "Christian" has ebbs and flows to it, what one might think qualifies, another does not.

With it being so personal all we can do is trust their perspective on it ... should they share it ... :wink:

Much Love and Peace.



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