Black People Politics : "IF I HAD A SON, HE WOULD LOOK JUST LIKE TRAYVON"!--The President Has Just Responded!

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
He may have just fell on his sword.. and it's not like his statement will make any difference whatsoever. There'll be plenty of time for him to be black after he's finished being President. And if you think about it.. that's actually when he can become the most useful to black people.. After he has served in the highest office.. been privy to the highest levels of information.. etc... And that's actually when he has to worry about being assasinated.

"He may have just fell on his sword..."

Again, you've really hit the spot when it comes to expression. But I feel that he is conflicted though, and although he is trying to straddle the fence and not anger his White and latino supporters, he has taken this personal, a situation that, as you say, may have caused him to fall on his sword because he's human. I think White people knew of this kind of trap that he was going to eventually be put in because you can't stop racism, and they are going to give him hell. I think that it was only a matter of time that this situation was going to happen. Like someone said in this post about latino [latino-White] people, this kind of racism against Black people that has been supported by Whites is not new at all and this was the very transition that occurred in South America, Middle America, and Mexico...remember Reaganomics?


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Dec 2, 2007
Dogville, USA
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so he can see us. I wonder what it is about this case that caused him to speak up? Is it election-time strategy or is it his own conscience? Has he just been waiting for the right incident.. one that didn't directly involve the cops? Or did Michelle make him do it? He looks and sounds conflicted.. like he is crossing a line he knows he shouldn't cross. It would be great if he could just call a spade a spade.. maybe after he has secured his second term his balls will drop a little further down.

You ask some valid questions. But, considering how the press beat him up for, initially, defending his friend [maybe ex-friend by now] Prof Gates, he had to know speaking up for Trayvon Martin would eliminate some of his white support. Yet, he did it anyway.

Maybe, there is hope for the brother after all. I ain't quite ready to vote for him. But, like you said, there does appear to be a conflict going on between the white half and the black half of his psyche.

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