Chief Elder Osiris : If Black People Being Religious Is Wrong Then Black People Do Not Want To Be Right

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
If Black People Being Religious Is Wrong Then Black People Do Not Want To Be Right

By Chief Elder Osiris

If Black People Being Religious Is Wrong Then Black People Do Not Want To Be Right, such is the message that Religious Black people are sending to our oppressors, all of them who are co-conspirators in getting Black people hooked on religion, no matter what the denomination, Race or Creed may be, including the Black Afrikan.

You see, I do not single out nor do I classify Religion, such imply that there is good religion and bad religion, as if to say that there is good evil and bad evil, and according to what degree evil is used upon your life, Black people been made to believe such is how you classify evil, even though the end result is the same, it just might come in a more or less conning way than certain other forceful acts of evil that is used upon your life, but the life that evil attack, suffer to become a victim of that evil action that cause your life not to be as it was before evil came and attacked your life.

So, as you observe Black people today, all wrapped up in their religious belief and is so encapsulated in Religion, based upon not what Religion is doing to cause Afrika to be for the Afrikan and to have Black so call Afrikans to become a United Black Nation in Afrika again, but is based upon what religion promise to come to the Afrikans, you who are fanatical believers in the doctrine of religion, which in such a doctrine it promise a reward not in this life that is now being treated so evilly, but in a life you are not sure of, promising to take place in a castle made in the sky Heaven.

You tell me that there is nothing wrong with the Mind that take such a doctrinal promise that is based upon the conning of religion indoctrination about a promise that require for you to have faith in, in order for it to be believed is true, and that such a promise can be made to appear of becoming real in only a mind that has been converted to believe in a promise that is seeded with religion doctrine fantasy, which will only have a dramatic sensational appeal to a Mental ill people, and in this case, Black people?

So yes, given the spirit that Black people now display, such a spirit is speaking very loud and clear, which is, If Black People Being Religious, Is Wrong, Then Black People Do Not Want To Be Right, as Black people display such arrogance of ignorance in the midst of their Religious suppression and oppression, a religious action that clearly has an evil effect upon the body and mind of Black people, those who are imprisoned in religion and have no want to be free, not of body nor of mind.

So you must come to see, it really does not matter what your political, social, economic ideology is, if you have not the capability to see what the real evil is that has Black people and Afrika in the condition it is in today, then all of your work in the name and in behalf of Black people are in vain, meaning, will not come of any Divine result.

Because, by the spirit being displayed by most Black people, such a spirit scream out at you, stating that if their belief in religion is wrong, then they do not want to know what is Right, and therein lies the proof of the Black Mental illness, a people who do not desire to be Mentally Free, just religiously imprisoned.

So all of this classifying and categorizing the evil that is being used to keep our Black Mind calcified, and to you Black people who seem to be having such a joy in misleading Black people, having us to look in the wrong direction for our help and freedom, concentrating on meaningless and the lesser issues of events that are in play in the world today.

You do your self as well as your people a disservice, because you are not attempting to tell Black people what our number one presence is, that serve to be a problem to, and in the world, and always has been, which is your Black pigment, it is your Racial phenotype and because you have lost all knowledge of such Divine Truth about your self, you sell your self short to your self, and you go and attempt to be somebody that you are not, as you commit to wrapping your life in the evil fantasy of Lucifer Religion, implying that if it is wrong to do so, then you do not want to do right for your life, because you have been made to not want to know who you Black people are.

When a people have been treated evilly so long, the people come to believe such a treatment coming from others against them must be right, and if it is wrong, then you do not want to be treated Right and Right in the case of Black people would be Divine, because you did come as Divine Beings, beloved.

So no, it is not about the denominations of Religion that is superficial and evil, it is Religion that is evil and against Black people, religion is our Devil, our Satan, and our Lucifer, he who created such an evil institution as religion and now have Black people making claim to be the creator of such a religion, an institution that has a history of lying and confusing Black people about the Divine Essence, about both Universe, and about the Blackness of ourselves, as we make claim that if our present life living condition is wrong, then we do not want to live Right, how sad and pitiful of a Black people we have become.

So you see, when you do not know who you are, then you are stuck in a maze of ignorance, choosing evil over Good, Lies over Truth, and Deception over Reality, as your life clearly express, if Religion is wrong, then you do not want what is Right for your life.

Only when Black people develop respect for our life, will we begin to do what is necessary to Free our life, and you see, Community development for Black people in America is not Freedom for Black people, Economic Development in America for Black people is not Liberation of Black people, and Classless in America is not Unity for Black people in America, and integration assimilation in America, is not Separation Independence away from America, and as long as Black people are not in Afrika United, oppression, suppression, and persecution will be the reception of the Black life.

Your enemy is your enemy because you are Black and such a act of reality against you will only change when you Black people begin to change your attitude about your Black self, beloved.

The Black American become angry when I share this Divine Truth With You, beloved.

Can You Understand That?

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Follow The Link To See My Book, Divine Spirituality, and Don't Forget, No Space Should Be In The Link.

Chief Elder

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