Black Entertainment : Idris Elba Will Push His Body, Mind and Engineering Know-How in 4-Part Series, ‘Idris Elba No Limits


Aug 28, 2015
Idris Elba Will Push His Body, Mind and Engineering Know-How in 4-Part Series, ‘Idris Elba No Limits’

Idris Elba will push his body, mind and engineering know-how to the limit by racing on land, water and in the air for a new four-part series titled “Idris Elba No Limits,” airing back-to-back on Discovery, premiering Monday, July 4, beginning at 7 PM ET/PT as part of Discovery’s iconic Motor Monday line-up.

Idris will immerse himself in rally driving, street racing, aerobatics and power boating to master not only the discipline of racing, but also the engineering, science and history behind it. He will join professional teams, take on seemingly impossible challenges, receive coaching by some of the world’s leading drivers and pilots and meet fellow speed freaks to share their secrets.

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