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Mar 26, 2016
Yes. We also have a trip going to Brazil for next year's Carnival. For those who come with us in August, they will receive a discounted rate for the Rio - 2018 trip.

Lunar Cycle

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Jul 16, 2017
Some years ago my uncles made it clear that it was important for me to accompany them on a visit to Dachau and Treblinka. It was sobering to say the least and now I truly understand the song Lunatic Fringe by Red Ryder. When I'm melancholy I play that song to validate my mood, also to vicariously experience the fear of discovery and the stink of death in countless basements and attics in Northern Bavaria. Of all my devil may care fun times vacations this somber vacation was the most impacting and quite memorable. If time permits next Summer I'd love to visit The long abandoned Russian Duga 3 OTHB-R site adjacent to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. My reason? To base jump from the transmitters antenna array. It's quite the thing with the local Russian youth. Bungee jumping and base jumping is the ultimate high. This vacation is going to be historical for me in so many ways in that The Duga3 OTHB-R Site and The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant incident eventually affected the entire planets ecosystem and it's communications infrastructure.


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