Black Short Stories : I thought you loved me...


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Feb 26, 2013
"Don't you love me, man of my life? Or so I thought! You don't really, but are fine with make believing that you do. You play games with me, and these don't suffice. Why can't you be truthful, be honest, that I'm just along for the ride? Do you think it'll hurt my feelings beyond repair or that I'm not mature enough to handle rejection? I can take it, just you try me."

"I see the woman on your arm when you go out, and how she captures your attention, like I used to in former days. Guess I'm old news now, huh? I'm just here to bring you up when she isn't around to do so."

"And when we go out, you patronize me. You start buying me things, as if my love can be bought. You hold me in your arms, when I know you'd rather have another instead. You give me kisses, but I can't bring myself to give the same when you inquire; I know you've been kissing her, and it just sickens me."

"So, man of my life, it's time to choose. I love you but can't keep pretending this is okay. Which one would you rather call your own? Which one is your true love? Is she, or am I?"

"Awwww, look at that, she's mouthing words to her daddy!" Cordell's mother said in glee. "Yeah, she's been doing this a lot, lately. She's trying to talk, I can tell, but she then starts throwing a fit, like she's feels I did something wrong. I don't know what it is she wants." he stated in a more puzzled tone.

Cordell picked his daughter up from her toys, and spoke sweetly to her. "My precious baby, don't you know you're my favorite girl? I know your mama isn't around, but whatever love she would have given you, I'll give you double that, alright, my babygirl?" he then lifted her high above his head, which brought a smile to her face.

"Mwah! What is it you been trying to say?" As Cordell kissed his daughter, he noticed her mouthing words again, and couldn't help but feel better about it. He knew this time, somehow, she was happier than she had been in awhile.

"Alright, man of my life. I believe you. I'm your favorite girl!"

Then with arms extended outward, and in a most excited tone, "Gib daddy a kiss!" she yelled.

"Her first words! Oh we gotta record this!" his mother spoke.

"Awww, my baby's first words. I thought you didn't love me anymore, you been denying me kisses when I asked. I love you, my babygirl, and always will."

(Just wrote this out of the blue, hope you enjoy(ed) it)


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Feb 26, 2013
i get the whole "daughter's love for her father" thing, but this sounds incestuous...from the crib.


You're thinking waaaay too hard there, buddy.

There's no mention of anything sexual or inappropriate that would even hint at incest; it's a story about a daughter's want for her daddy's attention, like most children go through with their mom's and dad's in their youth. It's simply twisted in a manner that might have the reader thinking, "Oh, I thought his girlfriend was pining, it's just his baby daughter!"

The "man of my life" is just a play on daddy being daughter's first love, in a non-incestuous manner, mind you. And the giving kissing, is like with any parent asking for their child's kiss, when they are babies. (My mom and dad, and grandparents did it with me and my siblings, when we were babes and toddlers. And I did it with my baby bros. and sis. Baby kisses are just the sweetest!)

If that's what you got, maybe you're going too deep at the meaning behind each line. :10500: Or maybe this world is way too obsessed with the inappropriate/sexual behvaior that they read it in everything. Sheesh.

If the twist bothers you that much though, I can't do much about that. But I even threw in puns; "make believe", "playing games", etc. Childish things. -_-

Vincent Stacy Henry

Oct 30, 2012
Nice slice of life type of story. I actually liked the twist. However, if you put something out there you can't control how someone interprets it or feels about it.


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Feb 26, 2013
Nice slice of life type of story. I actually liked the twist. However, if you put something out there you can't control how someone interprets it or feels about it.

No, I can't control it, and don't try to. But I do find it a bit disturbing that many things which are innocent are "interpreted" as something totally opposite and vile. It just bothers me, because it's like that's the first thing people are looking for a lot of times. :10500: Plus, I can take critique, but saying such a thing speaks to my own character, as if I'd condone incestuous relationships. Can't let that be stated without clearing the air. Just my thoughts to it.
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