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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Hello Everyone,

If you'd be so kind, I need your help with the items listed below. Most cost no money and do not require Membership, yet they all provide a way for everyone to pitch in and help strive for the continued success of our home. I will be forever grateful if you'd choose to do any one of the items listed below.

1. Invite A Friend

First, I'd like to thank all of you who have been inviting others to join us. We have a peaceful home full of mature and conscious folk, representing our ancestors proudly. Our Family has been growing since day one, January 22, 2001, and there isn't a more warm and loving place on the Internet. Thank you for making it what it is.

Please continue to invite others to join us. Using the Invite A Friend link at the top of each page, you get referral credit for those who join as a result of your invitation. Take a look at my profile, there is a field there called referrals, and I have 14. Referrals will soon count toward added features.

2. Click On Banners

The success of online advertising lies in the number of banners that are viewed, clicked on and ultimately, how many "sales" are made as a result of those views and clicks. Click Through Ratio (CTR), the actual clicking of banners, is down considerably from the early days of the Internet. I'd like our community to change that trend, by clicking on the banners featured at the top of the pages, visiting and buying from those that support us. For added incentive, banners will overwhelmingly belong to our own web sites, our own businesses, our own stuff, which we should be clicking on, visiting and supporting anyway. This would be a great help and takes very little effort. Don't worry, there will never be any more banners on our site, than there is right now.

3. Add Our Link To Your Site

Adding our link to your site would be a great help! Many of you have linked to us and I thank you very much for this. If you haven't and would like to, please add the URL below to your web page:
4. Sign My Guest Book

This is so very special to me. I've had a guest book since May, 1999, with my 2nd archived page beginning October, 2000. The current page holds more than a year's worth of entries beginning July, 2001. Only God knows how much these words have meant to me, ministered to me ... how many times they've carried me through. I never imagined when I first put my guest book up, that it would grow to be so dear to me. Many have taken their time to love and encourage me. Thank you so much for the blessing.

5. Visit Our Chat

Our chat is open 24/7 and it would be wonderful to see you there. We have a warm and inviting "day shift" of folk that are present consistently through the week, and have been for years. They will make you feel as welcome in chat as you are here on the forum. Recently there's been an effort to get the "night shift" back up to speed, as those chats use to run into the wee hours of the morning. It would be nice if you joined in. You will need to register first, as it does not use the same login information as the forum.

6. Recommend Destee

If you know someone that needs professional web development services, please recommend Destee. We offer web site design, development, hosting, e-commerce, maintenance, promotion, consulting, banners, flash ... all things related to the successful operation of a web site. If you need my services please submit my contact form and I'll call to discuss your project.

7. Advertise On Destee - Free - $50.00

Paid Option 1 - Top of Page - Your Banner - $50.00/month - Click Here To Buy
For one (1) Month your banner will rotate at the Top of Page Banner Placement. You must supply your own 468 x 60 banner (pixels) and its file size cannot exceed 15KB. Your banner will be in a rotation with other banners, no more than ten (10).
Reserve your month today!

Paid Option 2 - Top of Page Plus New Banner - $100/month - Click Here To Buy
For one (1) Month your banner will rotate at the Top of Page Banner Placement. Destee will create a new, customized 468 x 60 (pixels) animated (2 frame) banner and its file size will not exceed 15KB. Your new banner will be in a rotation with other banners, no more than ten (10).
Reserve your month today!

Paid Option 3 - Forum Home Page Categories - $50.00/week - Click Here To Buy
For one (1) Week your logo and link, including the text "Proudly Sponsored By" will be featured on the Forum Home Page in each of the four (4) category (poetry, columnists, open forum, administration) sponsor areas. This is a very prominent place to be featured, as only your ad is displayed between the top and the bottom of the Forum Home Page.
Reserve your week today!

Free Option 1 - Destee Network - Add Your Link To Our Site - Click Here
Many site owners are not familiar with the basic steps involved with adding their web sites to search engines and directories. The Destee Network was created in 1999 to provide a relaxed, comfortable environment in which you could become accustomed to promoting your web site.

Free Option 2 - Web Site / Business / Technology Forum - Click Here
All Registered Members of the forum may post a thread advertising their business to the Family. Be sure to include a link to your site and any other details you'd like to share. If you have not registered yet, you may do so here.

Free Option 3 - Add A Link To Your Signature - Click Here
All Registered Members of the forum may include a link to their web site in their signature. By doing this, with every post that you leave on the forum, you also leave an invitation for people to visit your site. Please note that signatures have a 4 line limit. You can set your signature by editing your profile.

If you don't have a web site or business to advertise, perhaps you know some that could benefit from being promoted within our house. If so, please email this thread to them.

Thanks in advance for your help and as always your comments are welcome.




Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
kool on da job.......yeah! i have two friendz newly to da house...

Mike Ramey

Well-Known Member
Jul 26, 2002
Maybe I missed this staff meeting?

When did Destee's place become 'Black Folk--African American Poetry and Discussion Forum?" I saw a few reply emails this morning and thought I was getting mail from a 'new' place. Sounds like Destee has struck gold with a new partnership...as she continues her march across the web.

Great going!

Mike Ramey
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