Black Authors : I need to know about some good black science-fiction authors.


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Dec 2, 2007
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A problem with starting the list with Octavia E. Butler and then adding other black science fiction writers is that she was one of America's best writers, period. Hence, everyone else you add to the list pales in comparison.

A legitimate question to be asked is whether there is value in seeking science fiction writers who also happen to be black. Toni Morrison, although not known as a science fiction writer, gave insights into this during a Charlie Rose interview. The answer, if I may dare summarize her words, is that in a perfect world it does not, but in our imperfect world, black writers provide healthy balance to white writers.

While he is also not known as a black science fiction writer, you do have to check out Walter Mosley's science fiction stories:
  1. Blue Light
  2. Futureland
There is what I suspect is another science fiction book from him, 'Stepping Stones'. It was published only three weeks ago and I have not read it yet.

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