Black People : I Love My Moderating TEAM - We've always had a special relationship <3

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Ok learning on the go is not working. I hate breaking rules. I printed a hard copy of the rules and will learn them. I love the community and want to be around a long time. I would love to be a moderator once I learn the rules and obtain proper interpretation of them. Thanks Love you too.

That's really kewl! Printing out the rules to learn them ... :yaay:

wow ... i'm impressed ... :love:

I think you'd make a great moderator for this community and i'm in the process of thinking about how to achieve this ... how to revamp the moderating team ... how to move forward in an area that is sooooo very important to me ... with very high standards ... that i depend on greatly ... oh my gosh ... it's no easy space for me to figure out how to move forward.

It just makes me miss my old moderating team ... :cry: ... [USERGROUP=4]Moderators[/USERGROUP]

But ... i gotta come up with a way for this to work ... and to be honest ... the creation of a new team is more time consuming than just doing the moderating myself ... (though after i get past creating a new team, it should be less time consuming for me) ... trying to create a space that works as smoothly as my moderating team always has ... is not easy ... i've been blessed with THE GREATEST MODERATORS in the world ... sweet, wonderful, loving, fair people ... that understand the community's mission, purpose, and rules and are on the same page with me ... that is not easy to pull off ... i believe God gave me those wonderful folk ... and i'm waiting for God to give me some more of 'em ... or give me how to proceed forward in a substantive (easy?) way ... or make those other moderators bring their black booties back home ... :love:

The whole idea of revamping the moderating team is daunting to me ... it makes me know (again and forever) how blessed i've been with my moderating team ... i've really been blessed! ... i miss them so ... i think about it often ... like ... the fact that even though several have been gone for awhile ... we've updated software, refined rules, changed things a bit here and there ... but even with that ... if any one of them came back today ... they'd be right in step with me ... they'd know ... because they know the heart and soul of this community ... they'd be able to pick right up as if they'd been here every single day ... that's just how we got down ... so tight ... i miss them ... and i hate to think i have to come up with a new way ... sorta start over ... when i love the old way so much ... it worked so well ... :cry:

But the thing is ... they have lives too ... and this place can be overwhelming ... it's a lot of work moderating this community and no one gets paid for it ... i can't be mad that they have a life they wanna live ... :censored: ... :love: ... :censored: ... without them we would not be here right now, as we are ... i believe that with my whole heart because they have stood in the gap for me many a day and night ... they have been here when i couldn't be ... they've helped me put out major fires and stayed up hour after hour fixing broke stuff with me ... they've done so much ... :cry:

But time is not being still for us ... it's moving on ... and so must we ... :cry:

i gotta come up with something ... so it's nice to know that others are interested in helping in this capacity

but abiding by the rules is an absolute requirement for being a moderator ... so learning the rules is good ... :)

you can't moderate others about the rules ... if you're violating them your own self ... :love:

Good Good Good .. maybe it won't be as hard as i think ... :love:

Thanks for the love and the hope ... :love:

Love You!



Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
I put this in its own thread ... because it's so special to me ... my Moderating TEAM.

The idea that i have to come up with something new, adjust things, is daunting to say the least.

But i love my TEAM ... and it's such a special relationship we've always had ... and still have ... even in their absence.

Just thot it all deserved it's own thread ... :love:

Loving Us! <3



Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Let me tell yall something else about My Moderating TEAM ... :love:

They bring so much character and integrity to the table with them, it's awesome.

I mean ... i really trust them ... i trust their judgement ... i trust that they'll tell me if i'm wrong.

That's a really good piece ... one that i've not needed often ... but when i have ... i REALLY needed it ... :nuts:

I'm a Sister, like so many other Sisters ... don't know everything ... can't see everything ... can't think of everything ... but i'm responsible for everything ... and ... well ... it's just hard to keep up with it all ... always having enough time and the wherewithal to deal with each situation as equitably as possible.

But with a great TEAM ... that you respect and trust ... you can lean on them ... you can know that they'll keep you straight.

My TEAM does that for me ... they keep me straight ... 'cause i don't always be ... :nuts:

Sooooo ... in their absence ... the biggest part of them gone ... the community is a bit vulnerable with just overworked and stressed out me .... as there's no one here really watching ... making sure that i don't do the wrong thing ... make the wrong decision ... stab the wrong Member ... for the wrong reason ... :lol:

oh gosh ... :look:

just so yall know ... if i stab you in error ... please forgive ... :love:

Love You!



Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
On the surface it seems like it would be an easy thing to do ... just pick new Moderators ... but it isn't ... it's not easy.

Some on my TEAM right now .. have been with me the life of the community ... 16 years.

After being together that long, lots of conversation is not needed, they really almost know my thoughts on a subject.

I don't even have to say stuff ... for them to know how best to move forward with it ... a good guess is usually enuff.

Plus ... because we've been together so long ... there's not a lot of documentation ... it's all in our hearts.

Which makes me think too, how challenging that's been ... 'cause they've really had to read my heart many times.

They were able to do that ... but what's the chances of others doing the same ... and how efficient is it?!

And so ... in thinking of a new TEAM ... i'm overwhelmed at the thot of bringing folk up to speed.

Oh my gosh ... it's not just knowing how to click a button, ban someone, etc., ... it's about our very reason for being.

In the old days ... i useta look for folk who were already demonstrating moderator behaviors ... that could still work.

I don't know yall ... i'm really thinking out loud right now ... don't mind me.

Plussss ... i aint counted my Moderators out yet ... don't get me wrong ... i'm just miss'n 'em.

Our being away for awhile is not anything new or unheard of ... we've all done it over the years ... including me.

It's just that they left several months ago to get a loaf of bread ... and i aint seen 'em since ... :pc:

:lol: ... :love:

oh gosh



Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
This is a really great topic for me to speak on ... it helps me gather my thots ... while sharing with you all.

I wanna write more "articles" ... so i may start here ... try to polish my writing presentation ... :krazee:

Anywho ... as i talk about my Moderating TEAM ... notice how i'm so possessive about it ... "my" ... :look:

I've always been this way about the TEAM ... very protective of it too ... it's like nothing else in this community.

First ... it's Sisters and Brothers that understand the mission and are willing to help me with it ... in a great way.

It's the leadership of the community ... it's what everyone looks to for guidance on rules, policies, issues.

It's the only sanctioned "clique-like" entity on this site ... because it's necessary ... but absolutely open to scrutiny.

Which is why it has to always be on the money ... making right and proper decisions ... because it guides the whole.

Yes ... i'm talking about my Moderating TEAM ... but truly ... the whole community plays such an enormous part.

Over these many years ... the Family has grown ... matured ... to a place where self-moderation is now the norm.

We've had our wild wild west-like internet days ... we've made it through those ... and came out alive.

No matter what the TEAM might be able to do ... they could never do it without the cooperation of the Family.

A demonstration of respect and consideration for the rules, moderator requests, etc. ... must be present.

It's not always been ... shooooo ... don't even play ... :) ... but we've all matured ... and we're there now.

It's such a great entity ... this entire community ... and yeah ... i'm partial 'bout my Moderating TEAM.

Always have been ... and from the way it's look'n right now ... i always will be.

Thanks for letting me sort out my thots in public like this ... it's kinda nice ... :love:

Love You!



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