I have a great suggestion


Apr 22, 2003
Hello sista Destee

I've been going through the forums and learning alot from my sisters and brothers. Being a parent, I was wondering if we could have a forum for parents. A forum where we can share our ideas on child rearing and suggestions to help each parent when we are in a crisis with our children, Or just to try new things to steer them on a positve path. We can help teach each other how to create the best learning environment for our children. From education in schools, to homeschooling, to dealing with difficult kids, and many other solutions that we might have. What do you think about this. I would personally love to see a forum that supports parents and children.


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Mar 21, 2001
it sound so nice but as you can see as well many threads/post on this subject
is found throughout the open forum that fit well not sure if such should warren
it's own forum but a great suggestion to lay on the table for review

also blackwomen sista worriors forum is a great place to bring it together !


Jan 22, 2001
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i agree ... Wonderful Suggestion Sister PurpleMoons ... :toast:

This is the very foundation on which our success depends, our children. Only by our coming together, sharing in the successes and failures, can we do for our children, what our parents did for us ... and hopefully more.

It is a new day and it is necessary for us to take advantage of all new opportunities, and we have a wonderful one here ... where we can share. Yes Sister, i love this suggestion.

$$RICH$$ is right, we do try to fit most topics in the existing forums, as we have so many already! But i think this topic needs and deserves its own forum, so that we can remain focused on it. We have a great work before us as parents, like all the parents before us. So let's roll up our sleeves and get busy! :wink:

I miss you in voice chat Sister.

Love You.




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Aug 24, 2002
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I think this forum is a fantastic idea. I mean If we get technical, every post could fit under the broad umbrella of the poetry or open forums. However, some topics deserve special attention... this is one of them. Indeed, there are few issues more important to the prosperity of our community than the black family. It is time that we start specifically discussing the issues that face families in our community. Great job sisters PurpleMoons & Destee!! :love:

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