Black Poetry : I Got Bars

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
Thought out torn illumination
Conclaves of lucid dreams with hay
one’s inner beckoning call
time is on our side
Inside we hide behind a squeeky wheel
Snoop knows what’s up for real
we have fallen on hard times with ill but faded rhymes
Love permeates to one’s inner state of fate
Chastity leads to extacy blowin apart the scene
I stand today erect on the portal of death
must clearly confess life is all one big test
Search for your significant purpose
Deep onto deep head to your feet

From an olive branch reach for the stars
I got bars
the given sense of Eminem my friend
Drake sought its fate make no mistake
Through a wall of division its a given
take baby steps one day at a time
we shall climb higher then ever before
come dream with me
through the birds with the bees
a look through the trees
Taking a chance
all at last for everyone to take part in the dance

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