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Jul 2, 2003
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In the show the actors state some factual and interesting things related to science and technology that have intrigued and amused. It is "IMO" a funny and entertaining show.

What I really enjoy is reading the "VANITY CARDS" the creator of the show places at the very ending seconds of their half hour.

Below is one vanity card chosen at random.

They are insightful, on point, satirical and funny.


Okay, I'm just gonna say it out loud. There are times when going crazy looks attractive.

And I'm not talking about becoming charmingly eccentric. I've already got that covered nine ways to Sunday.
No, I'm talking about purposely emigrating to the land of lunacy.
That special psychological zip code where The Ancient Laws of Behave Yourself no longer apply.
My "reasoning" is simple. It takes a great deal of effort to sustain a conservative, trustworthy persona. Surrendering that effort would involve, from a Freudian perspective, a conscious dismantling of the super ego - that part of the psyche entrusted with enforcing parental and socially approved actions.
And therein lies the allure of going full frontal wack-a-doodle.
The constant energy required to pass as normal would suddenly become available for doing and saying whatever pleases me in the moment.
Imagine it. The id and libido completely unbound by any and all moral or cultural restrictions.

Hmm... Probably won't need the shrink anymore... might need a lawyer.

I no longer can find my membership card, but I am an asylum member. lol :lol::nuts:
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