Chief Elder Osiris : I Dedicate This RecitationTo The Honorable Marcus Garvey And All Black Afrikans

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Jan 3, 2002
I Dedicate This RecitationTo The Honorable Marcus Garvey And All Black Afrikans

o_akkebala <> wrote:
Osiris Lamentation For Afrikan People
Hoteph Beloved sisters and Brothers:
> Hear me oh people of yestertime, a Time when you
> walked and talked with the
> gods that reside in another portion of the Universe,
> you who know the
> secrets of all there is to know of about the
> Universe, you out of your
> loins did a strange and Divine people descend and
> now I beseech you to Turn
> not your ears away from our cry, a cry that is in
> need of being heard with
> an action that will drive away that pain that cause
> such a crying sound.
> Oh goddess and gods of our Divine Ancestors, you who
> know what God Is, you
> who is a part of the Universe, you who is no
> stranger to self, forsake me
> not, as I plead my desire to you.
> Need I strip myself of all cloths I wear and lay
> humbly before you,
> confessing the act of neglect and disrespect that
> your children show now,
> toward each other, and do so without shame or
> repentance to you, oh goddess
> and gods of our Divine Ancestors, you who know the
> Soul, mind, and Spirit of
> each of your children, Black they are and Divine
> once they were.
> Rebuke me not My Queen of the Heaven, a goddess that
> you are, out of you the
> Universe become, you from which the rays do flow
> from the Sun-Stars, you in
> whom does Eternity and Infinity become One with you,
> to you I beckon to
> touch the Soul of the gods of that Universe of which
> within you they do reside,
> submitting only to the essence of Eternity and
> Infinity, a source of power
> that is beyond measure, the essence of all there is
> in the Universe and
> beyond, the essence that need no beginning nor
> ending, the essence of Time,
> its motion, to you goddess and gods of the Universe,
> do I appeal for your
> presence, which is enclosed in freedom, Justice and
> Independence, Turn me
> not away.
> I wail! and I Wail!, and my tears flow as the
> morning dew come, representing
> the sorrow of how God presence is so disrespected by
> a world gone mad, a
> world that know not the meaning of the identity of
> those people in Black, a
> pigment that represent the very Holiness of the
> majestic of the Mass of
> Darkness, a Mass that extend into Infinity and is
> that which God is
> intrinsic interwoven.
> Look! Look! Hear! Hear! see and know the sound of
> sadness and loneliness of
> a people that once walked and talked with you,
> goddess and god of the
> Universe, you who sit upon the Divine Throne of
> Universal Knowledge, you who
> came and deposit your children upon a New planet
> known now as Earth and you
> did give them the key to the knowledge and
> understanding of Eternal Infinity
> and now, look at them, now a people without power
> nor authority to call
> their own over not one thing that was left in their
> charge, those your
> children do I offer myself as a sign of knowing who
> you are, and with the
> Divine Knowledge of what God the Eternal Infinite
> Is, the True meaning of
> the Universe and the Self, from which the True
> Knowledge is revealed.
> Hear oh goddess and gods of the Cosmic world, hear a
> plea in behalf of your
> children, those who have forsaken the True Knowledge
> of your Divine presence
> and now, look at them, Souls in constant agony,
> having no respect from
> anyone, not even each other, a children that have
> been scattered to the four
> corners of Queen Mother Earth, one knowing not the
> other, divided that we
> are and Tribes we now call ourselves, now fighting
> and killing each other
> and show no remorse, a sign of a once Divine people
> now Soulfully dead and
> we now suffer from such ignorance of who you are and
> what God Is!!!
> I beseech you, I humbly summon you to come and save
> a dying Nation, one that
> once was One and United one to the other.
> Hear the cry of those that now suffer in a place on
> this planet call New
> Orleans, Mississippi, Alabama, victims of neglect,
> an illness of which all
> of your Children now suffer from on this planet call
> Earth, Afrikans they
> are now call, yet one Afrikan care not about the
> illness of the other, one
> believing to be more than the other and while
> conveying such deceit, the
> entire Nation now suffer from such a disease that
> now divide your children,
> oh goddess and gods of the Universe, Divine
> Ancestors that you are.
> Return back with your favor to your children oh
> goddess and gods of Truth
> and Reality, you who are constantly in the know of
> what God is and what it
> is your Children is to do in order to not become
> victims of neglect any
> more, teach them how to pray once again oh goddess
> and gods of the Universe,
> teach them to know that prayer is for the self of
> you, and should be
> directed to the Soul of the body double within the
> You of Me, Myself and I,
> the corner stone of the body double, the trinity of
> the godly essence that
> reside within the physical body.
> Oh goddess and gods of our Ancient Ancestors,
> forsake us not and may we
> allow our Soul to return, so that we may be worthy
> of possessing the key to
> the Throne of the Divine Knowledge once again/
> To you, goddess and gods of and in the Universe, I
> acknowledge the
> Truthfulness of your Reality, I desire you bring
> peace and Joy to the Soul
> of those people now call Afrikan, Black and Divine
> they once were.
> Here Is Loving The Black So Call Afrikan, In spite
> Of Ourselves.
> It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The
> Truth!!!
> We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our
> Liberation!!!
> It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In
> Afrika!!! ( Osiris )
> I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move
> On.
> Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation
> Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus
> Garvey
> Hoteph
> Osiris
> Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political
> Revolutionary
> National Chairman
> Sankofa Repatriation Movement
> Copyright@2005

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