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Nov 12, 2003
In a world where everything has become so commercial, I'm not even surprised at how much this wedding costs. I've read of weddings higher than this price. Then you've got mere music videos for songs that don't last no longer than five minutes that cost more than this. I guess that it's the new thing... spend a fortune on things that don't last, weddings included. In everyones attempts to out-do each other the prices go higher and higher until high rollers invest as much into a wedding what could be invested into schools with low funding, or a project housing community, or a young man/womans college education. Hence I concur; this price is ridiculous.

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Feb 15, 2001
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Wedding Just r Too Much

Considering how end in divorce it is a bad bet. Sorry to be cynical but the figure for divorce has jumped from 1 out of two to two out of threemeaning that now almost 2/3 end in divorce--that is dismal and makes me even more sure that perhaps a small wedding may be a good start and as the marriage progresses then we might want to spend money on celebrating each year--Ra
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