Black People : How would you rate George Dubya during this crisis?


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i know a few (my uncle for one) who when they were in vietnam, they did not want to even think of their family for this reason(s):

(1) for fear that worrying will get kill or get them killed
(2) they didn't feel like it :lol:

what i'm saying is that judging by the appearance you would think that he is an impassive person, but i don't believe that is the case.

like Dnommo said it could be for his security. Also to think of seeing him all day on CNN will tell me he is not at work with the matter at hand. i mean, you know, check my thoughts ma...



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Apr 6, 2001
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ummm Hmmm...

No.. I don't feel your words are harsh.. actually I've heard worse.. no big deal. Anyways.. First off.. i didn't say president Bush was in his 30 if that be the case.. i would be wrong right off. Because that is one of the first criterias.. that you have to meet. Now.. military issues.. That i looked into more and found that it was not necessary but they do prefer that most presidents carry that background.

I personally feel you words are wisdom and never take offense to what you say.... so feel free to express yourself.. in whatever way you see... fit.

Also.. alot of what I speak on is my views as you very well should know because I state off the back.. these are my views or my opinions.. I also state if I don't know the facts... whether Or not I am accurate enough about those things.. which is why i provided you with the link and also.. the reason why i knew all this.. is because i took history in High School.. somethings just seem to stick wit ya!!! ;)


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Mar 19, 2001
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hey kemet,

i would NEVER compare you with Wisdomseed. that would be unfare to Wisdom :rolling:

No seriously. We do agree on most things but we have stood on opposite ends before and that increased my respect for your views. Not only because you stood your ground but youo supported your opinions so clearly. It's always good to pop in and se whats going on in the mind of Kemet...

We cool tho' cuz you knows i got cha back bro'

as for his efforts. In light of some information that occurred this weekend (executive order to shoot down commercials planes) i am certain that Bush is still in shock about it all. Cheny and Powell is his strength and without them he could barely stand (unless he calls his father :lol: ) Bush has a lot on his hands and lately he is making the situation personal. In his position his personal feelings have to be quieted in order to see responsibly the right action to take.

The sad reality is this: We are going to attack warring factrions against us. There wil be a loss of life but it determines whether it would be one (Bin Laden) or many (military troops). At this point the choice is left up to the Taliban and the religiuous leaders of that area.

It's a waiting game at this point.

Shaneak, how very true are your words and i am glad you did not take offense to my words. Once again they are for strengthening not destruction. But i reiiterate my statement. While your opinions are YOUR opinions, it would be advisable to know more about the subject and not just go on your opinion. That can lead to a very dangerous position when it comes down to what you stand on and what you don't. Although the optimal society would be that people respect your opinions, very few do. They will challenge it in attempts to change it. TO prevent such problems my suggestion was to know more about it before expressing your opinion. It gains support and respect for your attempts to be ackowledged as wise. It's all good to me for i tend to stay in the shadows until i see the situation get out of hand and then i speak or as some say STRIKE.

I anjoy the dialogue and look forward to more...

Hey Kemet, what's the next exciting topic? My pen is itching for some comments....


Sep 18, 2001
I do agree with your opion that a few cruise missiles will not resolve this issue. My question to anyone who believe that this would resolve the issue is...... where would you point these missiles?? What guarantee does the US have that they will capture Bin Laden in Mr Bushes words "dead or alive"?My understanding is that Bin Laden has the finance to move about and hide as he sees fit. I do agree that more attacks are inevitable. There are groups of people out there that feel they have nothing left to lose. There country has already been reduced to nothing and without a rational resolution what is to be accomplished.
My question to you.... do you really think that the Taliban will turn Bin Laden over to the US.
I applaud you for your comments and opinions and how you stand behind what you believe to be true.... Although I do feel that your comments are based on emotions and your perceptions of a perfect society, rather than the rational needed to deal with situations such as this.which as Dnommo stated " the optimal society would respect such but very few do".

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