Black People : How to Use the R.R. with


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Feb 26, 2007
In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
Greetings Destee 'Family'

Message from the RE~covery Room

A Place to get some R & R
RE~flecting & RE~hearsing
REST & RELAXATION....NOT CAN "see" the beauty in BE~ing able to 'let your hair down" so to Speak..and Simply SPEAK..your mind...freeing your BE~hind ...from a sling....Slinging S**T in an appropriately

Now, you all may or maynot have noticed, yet, some of our "family" members have left home in a way which was "hurtful". I would categorize being "banned", angered, "hurtful" departures. While We KNOW this happens....awwwwwww... I don't be feel like trying type all this stuff out. My hands are freezing and they have been working for almost 48 yrs.....They tired...

If you interested in hearing more, join the RE~covery Room of R.N.A.



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Jun 24, 2007
Sister True,

Once again, you've cause my mind to take a conscious leap. I enjoyed your analogies so very much - things just fell into place.. *click* *click* *click* - just like that, with ease. My view of the 'mansion' has changed in a flash. = the "big house"
...The underground railroad
...the pit stops..
...the psychedelic shack :lol: (I should have been born a decade earlier too!)
and more.. just.. "wow". :bowdown:

Thank you for sharing!

I do not make near enough use of the 'pit stops' , in particular, the Recovery Room - I'm so used to my own "stank"..

The Purpose, the Plan.. still vague in my mind.. I'm going to have to step out of the fog soon.

I thought of a couple "P" words.. but they dont sound quite right...

Pith (pth)
-The essential or central part; the heart or essence.
-Strength; vigor; mettle.
-Significance; importance.

-The spirit or soul

Also, at 7:30 in your clip, you spoke about the homeless.. coming into hospitals for their 'pit stops' - what was always required: Assessment, Decontamination.. and I didnt catch... the "3-I's?" "3-eyes?" "Thrise?" :?:

Lemme go back and listen to the tune now ;)


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