Black Relationships : How Important is Black Love

cursed heart

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Jan 12, 2006
Immaculate said:
Hey darling,

I am new here and just read your post about how black men have done you wrong. I understand where your coming from. I am a good sister as well...who has my life together. I am an entreprenuer, love my family, am spiritual, and get along with most people but I am in an unfullfilling relationship with a BLACK man who is physically and verbally abusive at times and very controlling. So my suggestion is to create a post looking for people (brothers and sisters) in your area that are of true least thats what I did. You have just been dating the wrong brothers and you deserve to be treated like a Queen. Trust me everything happens for a reason. As hard as it is try to stay posiitve and try to find groups of people like the people on this site to surround yourself with and Im sure you will meet that special person sooner than you think

Peace and Love
Thank you sistah!
That was very sweet.
Like you said everything happens for a reason.
I'm thinking I'll be in luv before retirement.:eek:
That leaves me about 35 yrs.(laughing):pool:


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Nov 23, 2006
The Ville
To bring strength and a calming influence,and to s
panafrica said:
Can the Community be expected to continue without it? Should it be Celebrated? Taken for granted? Promoted? Do you realize it's importance, but feel no obligation to contribute to it? Please share your thoughts!
I love my Black Queen like the Queen Bee that she is! It is next to loving God number one on my list. I contribute by giving myself, home and sharing what i have with blacks of my choosing.

My obligation is to satisfy the rightousness put in me by God! I have talked to countless older folk,and have taken in dozens of our Black young people,but it is the love of God,that enables and sustains me to do this.

When the road gets rough i lean on him to get through it.

Love her constantly,consistently,and with concern!


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Oct 31, 2005
cursed heart said:
Thank you sistah!
That was very sweet.
Like you said everything happens for a reason.
I'm thinking I'll be in luv before retirement.:eek:
That leaves me about 35 yrs.(laughing):pool:
You sound like the female version of me with what you have been through. Sorry you went through all of that. I can seriously relate on another level.


Karama Heru

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Jan 21, 2007

Greetings Bro. Keita:

It's very refreshing to see a brotha describe BLACK LOVE as you have. I agree that it defies description and is indeed of historical, cultural and most definitely a spiritual nature. Recently, I found my balance (we choose not to use the terms "husband" or "wife"), because it can not and DOES not adequately describe who we are and more importantly who we are to eachother.

My balance held me in his mind's eye for a number of years, which is exactly where I held him. The MOST HIGH brought us together when we were both prepared to receive one another. We are eachother's balance...two parts of one soul. We strenghthen one another mentally, spiritually and emotionally, and we can and have done that without physical contact. The physical is yet another form of communication between us.

We complete one another and walk in harmony, heaven in one hand, earth in the other. The areas in which I am deficient, he strenghtens and energizes me (as the sun energized our people), and I act as the same catalyst for him. I know who he his, and I know that he was designed just for me, and I for him. We are living and breathing proof that BLACK LOVE does indeed exist and the positive energy that is created from it, because of it, is more powerful than our wildest imagination. Our ancestors knew it, believed it, displayed it, and taught their children about it. We must do the s

Keita said:
Black Love is BLACK LOVE !! Like our people it defies description. It is historical, cultural and spiritual beyond belief. There is no spoken word that can capture the energy, harmony and unspoken existence of it.

From a historical perspective, it is and has been the torch and guilding light of every civilization as our natural love for life itself has nursed and fostered every civilization there is...even in the face of them treating us like dirt. This is a love that has transcended time itself and is evident in our willingness to suffer if need be for the greater good of life itself.

Spiritually it is a cord that has actually gone unbroken as our love for our Creator, regardless of how we see it, is the center of our lives. Our belief coupled with this love has allowed us to endure, to survive, to progress and to live in any and all circumstances both past and present. This is a LOVE SUPREME that no other people on the planet has been able to match or uphold within themselves.

On a personal level, when allowed to grow and overcome many of the psychological and social obstacles that strive on an everyday basis to smother it, there is NOTHING GREATER!! The very union of the black woman and man is not only a world wide threat and fear, but something that knows no bounderies when it's right. The world does not fear our weapons, for we have none...they fear OUR LOVE IN AND FOR EACH OTHER WHICH HAS PROVEN TO BE INSURMOUNTABLE WHEN IT'S RIGHT.

Even in the face of our broken homes, our drugged out people, our down and out and those we are sometimes ashamed of...there is still an unspoken love and bond between us that we feel inside of ourselves. When we are in pain because of other black people we don't even know, it is because of the LOVE THAT EXIST ON THE FLIP SIDE OF THAT COIN.



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Oct 25, 2005
Education and family aspiriations connect

Post Script: NSU professor lived, learned with his wife at his side
By JIM WASHINGTON, The Virginian-Pilot
© January 22, 2007
Last updated: 11:12 PM

NORFOLK - The young nursing student spied her future husband standing on a corner at Norfolk State University.

"I chased him after that," Senie Moore said. "It was everything about him. He was tall, dark and handsome."

It's fitting that Senie met Joseph Moore at the college. Education was paramount to both of them, and much of their lives would revolve around the campus.

They met while they were students at NSU. Later, after earning post graduate degrees elsewhere, they both returned to teach at Norfolk State.

Joseph Moore eventually became head of the school's technology department.

He died Jan. 15 at age 74.

Born in Wakefield, Moore came to Norfolk to study and play football. He left school with a bachelor's degree and a wife-to-be.

He and Senie moved to New York while she got her master's degree in nursing, then they moved back so she could take a job teaching at their alma mater.

Meanwhile, Joseph continued his studies, earning his master's degree from Virginia State University and his doctorate from Virginia Tech.

"I never thought I'd have someone with a doctorate in my family," Senie said.

Eventually he joined the NSU faculty himself.

Joseph Moore's three children remember him saving money so the family would be taken care of while he pursued his education.

"He was dedicated to bettering himself," said his son, Vincent. "He was absolutely determined to get his education, and I admired him for that."

Science and technology appealed to Moore. He liked to know what made things tick, such as the grandfather clock he built himself. He remodeled the couple's house near campus.

"He made this a home," Senie said.

Associate professor Charles Hunt worked with Moore, who retired in 1996.

"He was a kind, compassionate and lik able person," Hunt said. "He always strived to do the right thing."

Joseph and Senie were longtime members of Bank Street Memorial Baptist Church, where they sang in the choir.

It was one of the constants in their marriage, which lasted 50 years.
Again its comes down to what your partner puts their FAITH into.

But its highly OVERLOOKED most of the TIME these DAYS.

Oh well.
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