Black Relationships : How Important is Black Love


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Apr 13, 2006
jamesfrmphilly said:
don't even try that game.
when you come in here and state that you are in league with some white man in order to run a game on us, you have not accepted US.
you want to run a test on us as though we are some lab rats?
we are black people we are not here for your experiments.

here is the link:
Wow!! I would expect this kind of "lab tests" from a white woman, but from a black man.... draconisz you are a slave in the slave masters house still....learn something my friend.

Nat Turner

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Oct 1, 2004
I ask this same question every day, can we unite as a people but as a family first? Were is the love and tolerance for each other are we afraid to express it to each other? Are we so hardened by our struggles that it is becoming more and more difficult for us to show Black Love?


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Sep 13, 2006
response to Cursed Heart

Hey darling,

I am new here and just read your post about how black men have done you wrong. I understand where your coming from. I am a good sister as well...who has my life together. I am an entreprenuer, love my family, am spiritual, and get along with most people but I am in an unfullfilling relationship with a BLACK man who is physically and verbally abusive at times and very controlling. So my suggestion is to create a post looking for people (brothers and sisters) in your area that are of true least thats what I did. You have just been dating the wrong brothers and you deserve to be treated like a Queen. Trust me everything happens for a reason. As hard as it is try to stay posiitve and try to find groups of people like the people on this site to surround yourself with and Im sure you will meet that special person sooner than you think

Peace and Love

cursed heart said:
I use to think it was important.
Blackmen that I've encountered have so many issues unbearable ones!

They either don't work and want you to support them.
They have too many children and not enough money or attention to support them.
If they are successful they're selfish toward your success and goals.Stingy emotionally.Date several women to build their ego's.
Don't want much out of life but to screw you over and break your heart.Use you up like an old dishrag when you're worth much more.
Treat a hoochie like a queen and dog a real woman.
They know they ain't chit and they want you to know that you ain't chit, so they verbally,mentally and physically ***** you up to the point where you don't know yourself anymore because of their own insecurities.
Don't want to commit or have sick ***** sexually fetishes.
They hold their D*cks more than they hold you!

And women with good black men almost never appreciate them!


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Aug 8, 2004
It is so important especially with all the interracial relationships going on! Someone needs to show black people that we can still love each other and make things work despite what we're led to believe by the media and stereotypical people.
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