Black People : How Good Students & Successful Blacks Reflect Poorly On Black Americans


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Mar 13, 2010
STL Missouri
A discussion I was having elsewhere, sharing my comments here.


7 Year Nigerian Twins become youngest secondary School pupils

Twins youngest to sit A level maths.The Seven-year-old twins have become the youngest ever students to pass A-level exams. Peter and Paula Imafidon both passed A level maths despite being at primary(elementary) school and having had just three years of formal education.The twins from east London,(UK) sat the exams, which are normally taken by 18-year-olds students, (11 years ahead of the curriculum).They said that they had found lessons with their peers boring.They said: "Sometimes at school, the teacher goes a bit too slow for us, but we just encourage and help our friends if they get stuck instead."A spokesman for the family said they were "overwhelmed" with the results, but would not reveal their exact grades.
He said: "They both passed well."Peter and Paula Imafidon are Nigerians.
Note: the above isn't from the article but was posted in relation to this picture on fb The article is seperate.

My comments/concerns:
medusanegrita said:
Oh-oh. I see the Cosby/Oprah/immigrant syndrome here.

"Well if they can make it, why can't you other black lazy dumb butts make it in the public school system? This just proves that black americans don't have what it takes, and they are indeed physically and academically lazy to even strive. Afrikans, Asians, whites and others are just so far ahead of these lazy folks, who would rather sick on their butts with 10 kids that they can't support and draw a government check than to work hard and get what they want."

I took to calling it the Oprah/Cosby syndrome for this piece because this was popular sentiment back when the Cosby show was popular. On the show he was popularizing himself and TV wife as a doctor and lawyer raising 5 kids. The show was great and funny and solved everything in 30 minutes. It never dealt with racism or any racist institutions that many of us claim hold us back or hinder us from succeeding. Whites used that show and Oprah as a model to scapegoat under-privilege blacks who weren't doing well and said 'why don't you be an example and credit to your race like these two - Cosby and Oprah. You lie about racism or use it as excuse to blame the white man for your shortcomings, WHEN IT IS YOU BLACK MAN/WOMAN!'

The sentiment about american blacks is still pretty popular, but not only by American white people. It also popular with immigrants both white and black. Again, if you are Afrikan or any other immigrant I say it's an unfair statement for you to make since I can make the same statement about other less and under-privilege Afrikans and or those who live elsewhere. But I guess the argument may be that the United States is the 'land of opportunity' while Afrika, Central and South America, India, the MidEast, and Asia is not considered to be so, so everyone expects that black americans should be doing better collectively than we currently are.

I am proud of these black children, I really am. I love to see my people succeed and get ahead and prove the naysayers wrong. They look so much like American black children, which to me says were aren't too far from each other despite the mixing that went on here. But I'm caught between feelings of admiration and envy. And the envy is not just for me, but for ALL of my people who trouble themselves academically and socially; those who fall behind, those who fail to make it, those who struggle out of struggle's a** to get through the system and its institutions; and for those whom children like these will make it just that much harder for anyone else to understand what obstacles (personal and outward) lies in our way to succeed.


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Jul 24, 2010
I see what you're saying, but you could just as easily say...
"If black 7 year olds can pass A-level maths how come most white kids can't handle the exam till their 18 - God whites must be dumb"....

I always liked the Cosby show - think it was probably on over here years after it was in America - with my father being a doctor and a jazz freak a bit like Cosby - but like you say remembering back I don't think race was ever really mentioned on the series.


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Mar 13, 2010
STL Missouri
I see what you're saying, but you could just as easily say...
"If black 7 year olds can pass A-level maths how come most white kids can't handle the exam till their 18 - God whites must be dumb".....

:SuN049: Ah, that is great, I love it!

Again, never thought about a comeback like that because blacks have been so conditioned to think we are the ones always lacking, that we can't muster or measure up. Every statistic they put out there shows that we are academically behind whites, and asians. Latinos are below us but it seems it's only like that because there's still a smaller number to that group than blacks. When whites fail, it's never seen as their collective racial failure but an individual failure.... so that rubuttal would not have came to me because I've also been conditioned to see white failure as individual, not collective.

But that was a really good one :toast:


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Aug 9, 2003
Many things have to be factored in, whenever somebody brings up the accomplishments etc. of the better educated black kids...

Many things also shouldn't be factored out, when it comes to the less well off ones, too...

Otherwise I fail to see the direct connecton between the two, unless you're implying and suggesting the achievement of the first also could be a reflection of the second, i. e., if the second was giving the same backing etc.

At best, that's an idealized viewpoint, when the facts reveal any number of the harsh realities they have to cope and deal with, i. e., living in single female headed households, biological fathers seldom (if ever) another presence in their lives, etc., etc., etc.

Simply put:

None of us who truly need and/or want to make a difference in the lives of the second group can or will, i. e., as long as we react or overreact to the misinformation being based on the class/social/racial biases of others, rather than base whatever we do or say on what we already know and understand about our children from our own life etc. experiences...

Yes some can learn:

But others must truly be able and willing to do whatever it takes to teach them...

They only become the victims of other folks b. s. by the way of default...



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Mar 21, 2001
I always say mental awareness and self determination and you can concour whatever before you !
Just like guts and glory without them both one will lack the full potential, this what many
of our children as well many of us has become and accept on countless reasons .

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