Black Relationships : How do I heal?


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Jun 19, 2007
Beyond my own understanding
Emotionally where do I start when the love in my heart is abundant but all I can feel is pain? Pain from always wanting to share my love in every form but continuely am left feeling neglected, abused and misunderstood?
I want to live in a world where its ok to want to nuture someone and it not have it all go in vain.
How do I heal from another failed relationship? I know I have made some mistakes in my last relationship but I was lead to live in doubt at the time. Why do I have to be so difficult and just fall again for what reason? To feel pain once again, it was not my intention. I am starting to realize now what I do seek in a relationship with the opposite sex. I just want understanding,friendship and moral support because I know now that no guy could ever really love what he does not understand. I myself am going through a transition in a world thats not even real.
I just feel bad right now bc I allowed this young man to let me feel so. Nobody should allow anyone to make him or her feel worthless and disrespected. What is it that you want and need out of life is all that matters and right now I just want to heal bc my tears arent enough. I just want to love this person so bad but he wont let me. He led me to believe that he felt the same way but his actions proved otherwise. Right now I live in negativity and I just want someone to be there for me. I dont ask for nothing more.
I dont want to grieve over someone unworthy but when you really love someone how do you "just" let go? :em0900:


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Jun 18, 2004
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just do it.....

Jaisolovely said:
I dont want to grieve over someone unworthy but when you really love someone how do you "just" let go?
men are like buses: there is always another one coming.....
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