Black People Politics : How can you build a Black community while living in a white one?


going above and beyond
Feb 9, 2001
Is it too late for us to emulate our elders? Some of you have expressed that you don't care what your ancestors did, that it has no relevance today. But if our ancestors treated each other better than we treat each other today, and it advanced us as a people and helped us reap the better part of where we are today, why can't we take a look back to study how they successfully did that and copy their strategy and apply it today?

African Americans, Impact of the Great Depression

The Great Depression brought mass suffering to all regions of the country. National income dropped by 50 percent and unemployment rose to an estimated 25 percent of the total labor force. At the same time, twenty million Americans turned to public and private relief agencies for assistance. As the "Last Hired and the First Fired," African Americans entered the Depression long before the stock market crash in 1929, and they stayed there longer than other Americans. By 1933, African Americans found it all but impossible to find jobs of any kind in agriculture or industry.

As the number of rural blacks seeking jobs in cities escalated, urban black workers experienced increasing difficulties. Black urban unemployment reached well over 50 percent, more than twice the rate of whites. In southern cities, white workers rallied around such slogans as, "No Jobs for N*****s Until Every White Man Has a Job" and "N*****s, back to the cotton fields—city jobs are for white folks."

Following his inauguration, Roosevelt's attitude toward African Americans changed little. He not only opposed vital civil rights legislation like the anti-lynching bill, designed to make lynching a federal offense, but showed little interest in challenging even the most blatant manifestations of racial injustice in the proliferation of New Deal agencies.

Despite the rise of interracial alliances and the emergence of anti-racist movements among whites, African Americans developed their own strategies for social change and helped to create their own "new deal."

Very interesting read...see entire article here.

We know what to do. But don't and the question is why? We either don't know how to come together or don't want to, or think that it's possible to do today because of integration.

As we quickly approach an historic presidential election, one that follows 8 years under the leadership of a Black president, what do you think? And let's not share pretty words, that would be a waste of time. Let's keep it real. Are we not as smart or committed as our ancestors?


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Aug 9, 2003
What our ancestors did and their forebears also did for their descendants does reveal their own intelligence:

Nowadays we also do need to be as wise for our own sakes too!

Clyde C Coger Jr

going above and beyond
Nov 17, 2006
Personally I feel that domestic American black boycotts reflect the nonviolent economic power that First world nations exact on adversaries resistant to the more powerful nations foreign policies. At this point in time I feel that call to action would be Black America's best course of action to address the rising tide of questionable murders of our people at the hands of law enforcement personnel. The civil rights movement has long proven that an empty cash register may not make a racist "respect" you but if he wants your money he will treat you in a "proper & decent" manner.

Retail101 clearly states that business establishments can exert more political pressure on government agencies even on the federal level when their personal or corporate image is in danger of suffering irreparable damage & it's investment can no longer sustain itself.

This speaks much truth to power Arianne ... Isaiah agrees with you also:

Isaiah Washington tells African Americans to boycott work Monday

The date of the protest is also the day of the first presidential debate, which is expected to be the most watched in history.

Washington says the goal is to "maintain the safety of our people, while significantly impacting America's broken judicial system that is oppressing us by removing our labor, our bodies and our money from it...for 24 hours" ...

(Photo: Rob Kim, Getty Images)


Clyde C Coger Jr

going above and beyond
Nov 17, 2006
I just called & took a personal day, now I can play with Stinkpot instead of having our Daycare center bus pick her up. This guy probably would have had more participants if he gave us more time to properly set this up for a really noticeable groundswell effect. Anyway some significant issues don't always work on a schedule.

Very true:

"Anyway some significant issues don't always work on a schedule"

Good deal, enjoy your day, you and little Stinkpot ... Yeah, I'm not sure when this was decided, but I have more on it here that may help you find a timeline:

“Imagine if every single African American in the United States that was really fed up with being angry, sad and disgusted, would pick ONE DAY to simply ‘stay at home’ from every single job, work site, sports arena and government office in the United States of America. I’m very sure that within 72 hours from Wall Street to the NFL…Black Lives Would Matter. September 26, 2016 is THE DAY. #ItsTime #CanWeDoIt?#ACallToAction #StayAtHomeSeptember262016 #RIPTerenceCrutcher#HandsUpDontShoot




going above and beyond
Feb 9, 2001
Grrrrr...I didn't know about this for surely I would have participated in it. Well, they got my labor and body today but won't get my money. :10200:

This is exactly what Bro. AI D was trying to organize in one of our threads a few weeks ago (can't remember which one, though) and the thread died a quick death. He was even told it would never work. It won't unless you try.

I think it's a GREAT idea and powerful call to action strategy.

Another day that would have a significant impact is the so-called "Black Friday":

Origins: "Black Friday" is the (originally derisive, now mainstream) term for the phenomenon that takes place in the U.S. on the day after Thanksgiving Thursday, when millions of consumers who get the day off from work or school crowd into stores for what is traditionally considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The origins of the term "Black Friday" have become somewhat obscured in the mists of time, however, leading people to invent fanciful explanations for how that phrase became attached to the day after Thanksgiving. The example reproduced above posits the term started with a tradition of slaveowners or slave traders using that day as an opportunity for selling their wares.

In fact, the entire holiday season would be an excellent way for Black Americans to let the public know that we are fed up and not going to sit down and take it anymore. Keep your MONEY!! Another benefit to doing that is it keeps money in our pockets, unifies us as a people and teaches our children a very important lesson in standing up for a cause that is important to you. We need to stop teaching our children passive-aggressive behavior when it comes to our civil rights and social justice.


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