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Nov 2, 2005
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How much can you see....the sign of where we are going?

I am not going to say much....I would like to receive views on this primarily...then perhaps i can bring in my long winded speeches :)wink:)

Have you deciphered names yet!?????


Now, I saw this a while ago...but it is like people get riled up for a couple of days get all passionate...say they are going to do something or talk about how SOMEBODY should do something.....then just completely fall off.
You know...Kind of like how we all did for Obama (Oops)

Let us first talk about names...names of groups of rappers....I am not going to do too many....but I will just give a few hints of what people should be paying attention to....and not ignoring the signs that WE ALL receive.

Lil Wayne (YEAH!!!!!! GO GO GO DAS MY N****

Now I am only going to take one aspect of the signs that people are missing...WILLINGLY

He does not go solely by this name...he goes by two

Lil Weazy (or weezy)....are you starting to get wheezy?

Now those of you theoogist who can see the irony in this...I need say no more.

For those who would like to know...Please, step into my office...have a seat.

Wheezing is a part of asthma...asthma is a sickness...whenever you hear of evil or ways to decipher evil messages, you will ALWAYS find that there was a code...something to decipher, some irony.

I believe this is an ironic name for I am not sure what aspect of sickness...but I will bring one for sure.

When you listen to Lil weezy, you are listening to lil that meaning you are asking for sickness?

Now people always fall short of the revelation because they want to think, "Its not spelled the same way." and that is how you get trapped. Remember in cartoons like All dogs go to heaven when the talk said the Devil made a bet for the SOLES of his SHOES (The SOULS of his STRUCTURE or FAITH or POSTURE)

2. Now, this is a fairly recent revelation. More like 10 minutes ago.

We all love him...he is avery child bearing home......OUR FAVORITE!!!!



His name is Soul Ja BOY

Now this can be taken two ways
(It probably does not matter)
1. it could (and probably) means just plaily out, Souls. Now evel though it does not make any sense. I do not care, anything, Any NAME that has the words SOUL and they are NOT serving JESUS/GOD, I am not having it. It better be a group called Soul Salvation!
2. I think you will like this one,,,,

Sold Ja Boy....Like "I Sold you"

Now we all Know when you worship, serve, or do not live in a GODLY presence, you SELL you SOUL.....Therefore, I think it is a boasting....he is taking many is getting words...many of these children will may go to hell (seriously)

Now three.....this is what is interesting. It has been around for years! They slowly made their way up and up until two years ago, they only had a few people here and there (Every body knows the song Chickenhead right? That was revelation right there....a CHICKENS HEAD!!! far does this stuff go)

Now there was BIG controversy about what someone said in the beginning of their song...but what all fell. Then they got a Television show and it CONSUMMATED EVERYTHING!!!!

The Mafia of the Three Sixes

It is right in your face.....right there for you to know....,Some of you do not follow christian faith but you can not turn your face on these things....Allah can still be Allah...but Allah is trying to tell you. Warn you even...GOD IS IN YOU FACE

Demons have to be sly and trick about their business.....But now they are getting bold

It was longer than it was supposed to be.

This is as far as I have gotten

I am sure there is some revelation about 50 Cent

Some of you know who i used to be, but many of you see me now....I always knew I had a mark (OF GOD) I know he see's me....and it took a lot to happen, but not before I almost fell into the pit of the forsaken myself....just a little tid bit. Maybe that is why i am able to see these things...I know how the Devil works First Hand.

Please engage.

Also if you have found some interesting Revelation...please share for I am am searching for knowledge myself.



***This is a call to ALL people. Do not turn your face BECAUSE YOU THINK I am something different from you...brainwashed or would be YOUR transgression to shun me and keep the Barrier). We are ALL the SAME PEOPLE.***

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