Black Short Stories : House of Ba-Pef: Tales of Circulation


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
At the age of seven we were playing the sports of brutality the schoolbells ranged all geniuses roaming through hallways blinded at eleven the brotherhood became deeper eyes and muscles getting swollen with much more speed accumulated over the years at fifteen i was a part time alcoholic the family beatings plus verbal abuses increased plus the brotherhood fights became deadly needle stabbing left me on guard besides missing the knife to the gut it was live busting shots from the rifle the homie had a revolver revolving out the chambers of thought about the mossberg destiny aiming at my temple the stepfather i fought with all my strength like david versus goliath tears drop standing still emotionless on the steps daring him to pull the trigger show me your blast he concocted it my mutha screamed out the door wait please he will get off your property even though it was hers too sat in peachtown off i went inside my auntie car back to ninjatown working my tail off sleeping with roaches laying dead beside me just to wake when the sun came up deeper in the woods will have your heartbeat busting through your chest like eight zero eight bass the kkk first attempt on my life was at night i escaped and played the superslave route shaking in my soul head forward put the key into the ignition slowly my ninja i kept saying lonely me and him on the back road where i slept after doing a double shift plus high school classes from one town to the next were my people who had already die way too early she was the boo always cuffing me inside deeper without thinking it was my first time inside heaven afterwards she lost it my first born gone without understanding in boot camp in the notorious army filled with killers tactically and technically proficient living in the history live like the perception of being an african story of the past like before of ah ninja accomplishing mad duties under pressure chosen lectures i learned my skill to become nineteen in the land of meditation plus information technology advancement constantly traveling on foot patrolling with soldiers limited black woman affection often competition due to being single out more of black males names got called while white people got thicker by feminine illusion and friendlier through masculinity asian men are jolly ranchers of the people especially the ones in uniform happy to party once big time before work is to be put in black filipano women i saw plenty rocked and rolled on the seats drunken when restaurants closed down fore the evening meaning we were drunken of the soju my vodun character grew bigger by the formation climbing rank defying waiters tipping myself notes about the rules and regulations the daughters were sold in the alleyways always awaiting right under the outhouse the light snap down with her greedy self and neglectful self the mother exposing her thirteen year daughter to regular prostitution against the american constitution the mentality unaware of who i was suit greener than a hundred bill i be needing nowadays deposit into the bank account of my nonprofit twenty three was the age i started to think about it while in the pentagon the massive building where orders go down well known surrounded by the lovers from virginia near and far man the airplanes hurt my ears all the time back and forth traveling shooting newer weapons of mass destruction feeling evilish within me gut the instinct to run up and duck cause i'm on top of the tree sniping maybe a claymore filled with ivy and oak rat pellets plus shards of glass just to remember the terror in many filled pieces of those times when you owed me directly is the feeling coming faster unable to escape or bounce back on track was my sistahs centered in the capitol of america plugged into dc electrified from the muthaland of all parts gracing me with royal presence plus wisdom and knowledge of self everywhere i went they was in mind at all times switching voices one who is the snatcher the other who is nurturer behind me was the warrioress to my left who is the lover in my front who is the prophetess and to my right who is the supreme wisdom around in a full circle keeping me alert duly diligent of enemies and heavenly deep beauty from the heart at the popeyes she was ethopian natural auburn thicker wetted silkier smoothest complexion dark chocolate could represent burning bright orange natural hazel eyes i forgot about my wallet then left off oddly even my food was sitting with her after she told me softly the price with her beautiful smile of oblivion made with crater dimples i couldn't stay in her soul too long suspended and lost of the unknown she called me up to ask why i was so shy i said dang you "That Soul" of heaven fore real at the age of twenty three i was feeling supreme i came back to her coming out the door her beauty was so deadly unimaginable to myself i said i gotta come up to marry a beautiful unknown gem like that i felt the weakest goosebumps chilled the stupidity off without brain all mind i got out in confidence with my uniform on after coming from college off base shiny boots reflects dreams about kiwi and strawberries she had to be black mary cause i felt the shining of her pure aura aromatically natural upclose in my face with my food and wallet then she straighten up my headgear about face waved backwards plus the rest i will not describe cause the journey of pain is known.
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