Black Poetry : His diary has notes and fiery quotes see a girl sex breasts and attitude and that express a mood she played a harp at a feast and now a sharp increase


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May 11, 2006
His diary has notes
and fiery quotes
see a girl sex breasts and attitude
and that express a mood
she played a harp at a feast
and now a sharp increase
especially in fans at operas then peace
be to music, his feet prevail
on a steep trail to ask this female
for a date, this could be a wet romance
from the hood in sweatpants
so he watched galore
and wanna march to her door
she's a queen with true perfume
and boys can eat her between two spoons
this is Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH
he's back at the tiptop ready to teach
she's a Brown Soul Sista in a mini-skirt
round booty do plenty work when she flirt
love today remain
and like a subway train
it roll down tracks
it choo choo with renown facts
oh she walk and throw but
talk and eat do-nut
not jest any jerk
can get under her mini-skirt
and she flirt a lot
she come with great pie
jest to make a reply
then take a guy
home along with her cell phone
and there dwell and roam
in the bedroom then moan
and groan while having sex
and grabbing the kotex
he count his choice
as he dismount his horse
have pride and stony
and wanna ride her pony
like GENUWINE got club champagne
for a love campaign
devastated and torn
she anticipated scorn
to turn down a date
so he wanted brown cake
now she every inch brown
and like the French crown
she's on top
with strong HIP HOP
a queen direct
and not a team reject
her plan butter
and her grandmother
made her a dress
to parade and show her breasts
father disagree guess he know best
look there are MC'S AND THUGS
but these clubs
provide knowledge
the farm raise food
her charm amaze dudes
boys want girls these days nude
so they rap with delays and attitude
like Santa he's aware of deers
but there were fears
that a drought hurt
the water supply
and boys still order pie
HE SAID: his car glow as a confirmed nova
and this store has a low turnover
GIRL SAID: on the block has class
boys try for pie while the stock last
have sweaty brown thighs a hot task
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May 11, 2006
have sweaty brown thighs a hot task
a party divas, hot body fever like pot ash
one boy look in her eyes and cheek
know her pies are sweet
and his lies could heat
the process so its best be meek
BOY he had the right stare
her mini-skirt tight she's aware
this could be a nightmare
which is a bad dream
and she got mad cream
one kiss could be a tad bit extreme
she have a wet skirt
in her network
fleecy like a sweatshirt
so she get to flirt
a lot, in this ocean of rap
need a love potion perhaps
ships are lost
and scripts are boss
to strip she must take off
panties, comes to boys most are witty
into the growth of the city
so they boast on a committee
of Hip Hop make a band like P DIDDY
and drink Ciroc Vodka, this boy
want some to take home and enjoy


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May 11, 2006
want some to take home and enjoy
oh a brown Soul Sista go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH she do
strut butt, HE SAID: “Look boo
I drink from fountains but like
pink mountains I'm towering hype
all around your body has a brown build
but this relation could be down hill
the birth of affection
could be in a reverse direction
girl you brown and phat
and I'm down with that
“so what you gonna do?”
Naw what you wanna do?
well I wanna go to bed
while your lips glow red
not an absurd clown
but word got around
that I was so I frown
on that go to town
and duck my head
because of what the fluck was said
hard to get a chick tucked in bed
now I'm on the verge of sex
and my words are complex
he jest kissed her lips in
her brains in the store love begin
to soar like kites in flight feeling
good, aw girl you got some sweaty
brown thighs, juice around pies ready
maybe strongly tradition
but his only ambition
is to survive the town
and drive around
in a sports car that astounds
oh he jest got her tongue
he was so sprung
and hung on phonics
he buys hair tonic
for his wavy hair

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