Black Poetry : HIP HOP does not allow whackness in a way girl could turn actress smoke in the hotel write quotes and flow well with a strange attitude have too chang

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May 11, 2006
HIP HOP does not allow whackness
in a way girl could turn actress
smoke in the hotel
write quotes and flow well
with a strange attitude
have too change my mood
somehow the love
allow me in the club
so I'm about to write
on how I'm out nights
got a catalog at home
and like a dog roam
in the fog with strong
intentions to find a girlfriend
see one with butt
pretty all done up
butt round and slick somehow
sex and breasts in the club
and ready to express love
have pride and romance
gave a girl a side glance
and her Spanish enhanced
the affair and then we danced
to slow music we kissed
I can see a brisk
affair jest brewing
like coffee doing
this love thing
this is BLACK HIP HOP and bling
right here in VIRGINIA BEACH
one time at the club try reach
boys with my beauty and teach
love my thighs is half way open
the whole club staff was hoping
to knock my boots
being a hot cute
oh PUERTO RICIAN hot girls
go through a lot in this world
“OK LOOK boo got a kiss in a community
but missed the opportunity
of pulling a Spanish chick
or Latino beauty
or a Filipino cutie
so now it's my duty
stand on my feet when
I'm about to put a complete end
to my desire it may require you
boo to make this happen
want cake while rapping
and my style is trapping
you, girl lets go to the car
and then we can get to the bar
OK PLAYER you have pride and wise
best to decide the size
of our affair and recognize
use intensive lyrical s
and not expensive materials
I have on a pleated min-skirt
bra and panties ready to flirt
so this is thunder and mess
and I'm under duress
sometime wonder do this impress
boys, use my cell phone as a tool
plus I'm home-schooled
shook with juice
and I'm footloose
when I run across the yard
have fun my thing soft not hard

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