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Mar 3, 2012
The Importance and Necessity of Hijab:

The importance of The Islamic hijab is to an extent that The Exalted God states it as a necessity in lots of Quran`s Surahs and considers it as the human`s protector against many physical and mental illnesses. Hijab is not only allocated to woman from the viewpoint of Islam; it is a kind of veil which exists in the relationship between man and woman. Hijab hinders immorality, pretension and is the protector of respect and rules of chastity and modesty in Islam. The purpose of Islam concerning hijab is that the Muslim woman can do her basic duties and mission with complete freedom that maintaining the human`s generation, engaging in the dignities of house and house-keeping, training of children and paying attention to it are considered

as of her duties. Islam has necessitated hijab as the important element of the maintenance and glorification of individual characteristic and stabilization of family`s foundation and social chastity and ethics. Also, it has introduced Holy Joseph and Virgin Mary as the role model of chastity and purity. So, the importance and necessity of hijab will be determined according to the afore-mentioned matters.

The effects and importance of hijab:

The spiritual achievements:

Hijab is the wings of the earth`s angles, the woman who has hijab has selected the God between herself and her God and has turned to the religion`s commandments among the commandments of religion and carnal desires.

The immunity and serenity of woman:

A woman, who is not seen, motivates no greed towards herself. The security and peace of mind are the obvious effects of Islamic hijab. The human being feels more peace under the protection of a protector. The religious hijab is also the woman`s keeper against the indecent glance and probable damages which gives woman immunity and calmness. If this hijab becomes more complete, the percent of security and protection will be increased.

The health and beauty:

The Islamic hijab is the manifestation of the spiritual beauties of woman. Undoubtedly, the religious hijab insures the woman against many calamities and illnesses, and make firm her freshness and beauty. The difficulty of hijab is the insurance premium which the woman pays for the maintenance of her calmness and health, because hijab is a veil which prevents the entrance of the shots of glance, vain words and the other problem towards her safe environment. A woman who has no hijab is vulnerable. When the woman comes out from her religious hijab, lots of calamities destroy her health. Hijab keeps woman more durable, healthful and cleaner.

The decrease of mischief:

Hijab of women and dignified behavior of youths have always been a strong barrier against the Satan`s temptations. The comparison of the statistics of sexual crimes in the society indicates that the women, who have hijab, play an important role in the decrease of social mischiefs. Most of sexual crimes will be removed by the chastity and purity of youths and women hijab. If the chastity exists in looking, behavior and deed, the sexual agitations and fake excitements and love which have involved many young persons, are annihilated, and the ethical health dominate the society



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Aug 17, 2010
A Muslim brother advice to Muslim sisters:

Some guy had three girls trapped in a dungeon in his house in America for 10years after he abducted them.

And they say we're mad when we want to protect our women.

Sisters think twice before you take your hijaab off because the suns shining. Its a barrier between you and shaytaan.
Temptation for some leads to disgusting, unimaginable behaviour. Stay safe and 'tie your camel then put your trust in Allah'.

May Allah protect our sisters and give them the towfique to keep striving. Ameen.

Abubakr Islam

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