Black Poetry : Higher Learning


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Oct 5, 2006
“Please stand,
Place your right hand over your heart,
Ready? Begin.”

But I don’t stand because I refuse to take part in the lesser arts, thought captured and imprisoned.
I don’t pledge my allegiance to materialism,
Especially in a spherical prism of influence,
Where one follows the other and neither has enough sense to eliminate the plague.
Haze empowers hate.
As it grows, flourishes, society is diminished into the smallest unit of measure -- an atom
That’s censored.
Pleasure doesn’t necessarily mean choice; on the contrary, query is voice, although lost for centuries.
Manifest destiny intensifies the density of blood droplets, let alone the loss of ancestral strengths.
See, with Europeans also came death, enslavement and mass rape.
All these Escalades, money, glimmer and glamour conceal the gore, but through the sweaty pores, moist mantles make visions semi opaque.

Fake myths and winter gifts account for the tribunal tricks, not bliss; it’s a mist of fire and mystified sires, we’re jokers building their empire from tire.
I’ve inquired for a position with fewer incisions and no revisions.
Decisions arise from predicaments, like parliament, part treason, part fees; in form of taxes, democracy practices robbery.
Instead of pottery and crafts full of joy and skill, history rather focuses on war, war, and war; it’s all misery.

“Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation: conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”…

That, students, was Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, now let’s take a look at the Emancipation Proclamation which put an end to slavery…

So emancipation corrects all the wrongs of discrimination?
That’s an artificial creation; laws are control over civilization.
What’s the purpose of a legislation, to dictate the nation’s growth and what direction to row?
Body bags act as wrap, new age mummification, yeah, that’s the point of this crap.
Stamped brochures, option number one, forty acres one mule, not even enough to host a balanced body on a stool.
We’re crafted tools, school is an instrument, and education is a rule.

Take out your textbooks and read the section on Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. Be prepared to write an essay on your point of view for tomorrow…

Oh, and for the record, emancipation was a clause with a cause.
The Ku Klux Klan with a few heads in jury--Injury, perjury, the worry of inner fury.
Dirty politicians bathe in disease infested bark fibers, infected with the portrait of the dead.
Sniper rifles, stifle of the innocent around transparent borders of exile to expand order into tomorrow.
For no particular reason, natives are labeled foreign flees with no IDs.
Imagine countries in which free roam lead to society’s full potential growth.

I respect the true forgotten heroes
I neglect the gold, silver, and platinum.
I’ll set-up a store by the river bottom with a sign that reads, “Land of the Hue-man.”
No guns, cannons, or mallets; malice is not indigenous practice, blind fa…

Uh…oh that’s the all-knowing bell, time to move onto the next class, science...


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Oct 4, 2003
So much that is learned, has to be unlearned and replaced with the real truth. I loved this scribe, higher learning indeed. Keep reaching for that sky poet.


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Jan 24, 2004
Brick City
day care provider (own business)
:great: Great piece poet,
It reads like we pledge to the same allegiance, And it sure ain't america.
too hot :blob fire: to trot...I bow to this Maat...^5


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May 23, 2006
Who is this speaking the Truth
So pure
Is s/he a young youth?
I am not sure..
But s/he knows it
And s/he shows it.
So we bow low.
Now go.

Keep preaching.

Give thanks for that drop, inspiring.




Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
awesome scribe seem like we stood on the same grounds

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