Black Poetry : Her quotes are fiery like notes in diary they get read and spread on wet bread her dress is down and


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May 11, 2006
Her quotes are fiery like notes in diary they get read
and spread on wet bread her dress is down and boys
wanna mess around one told her she was sweet treat
from the street she hushed and blush the blood rushed
oh he had a crush on her, she's a queen in perfume flushed
into the light of love and tonight in the club boys wanna
smash her cherries, she's a Puerto Rican Spanish and gonna
get a boyfriend girl got a round booty and a brown cutie
above the rim and fly this simplify a love affair my duty
in the club to prepare for this, need a spare dish for this
boy to taste flavor her lace is major and wet one little kiss
can set it off and leave panties wet and soft he can't miss
her Spanish lips that are equipped with lipstick so red and brisk
can go to bed after a kiss she not a wimp but a hot attempt
to control her emotions after bold potions of love displayed wimp
not in her vocab will go to the lab, some boy tonight wanna huff
and puff because she's got the right stuff, nice life can't be rough
dealing with this boy gives her a feeling of joy it's chips ahoy like
chocolate chips and boys got a rocket ship ready to take off hyped
in cake that soft yipes! Now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH
she grab lunch and have a hunch that a boy wanna rap to her and reach
for the tissue in bed the sex issue has misled his thinking, this teach
her to be humble, she has a feeling for art the revealing start her
body is healing boys heart she enjoys this part strut that butt do occur
she's at WALMART it's all part of a strut butt Bonanza even LITTLE JOE
could push a WALMART CART RIGHT in this and HOSS is at a lost yo
now a boy approach and want some HE SAID: LOOK BOO “ my act
is to tower but a lack of power to perform and storm the stage facts
harm the page of a book so he behave shook over the outcome of Cadillac
door opening and shutting, alerting with bling expecting certain things
to happen after some true rapping, strapping on a condom got bee stings
looking for a honey hot to do the bunny hop with during EASTER rap boss
lyrical and it's soft material that belong on paper strong vapor circulate
from the ink cats can't breathe like FABULOUS, got some perfect cake
a Puerto- Rican girl freaking my world should give me some boo, pie
is hot and why not SHE SAID: “NAW PLAYER I THINK you cry a lot high and dry
like kites flown as Goodyear blimps in the hood sincere, duck wimps
in a sick jungle without hopes and like a thick bundle of envelopes
this can be mailed to the club I see a trails of love letters and that's dope
I'm in the hummer and sing looking at a number of things and the summer
clings to a party, oh Puerto Rican girls go through a lot I eat cucumbers
with salt and I keep my min-skirt pulled down when I flirt around boys wanna
play downtown and try jerk up my skirt oh its work to dodge a large gonna
be love affair, SHE SAID: REMEMBER I was at PENERA BREAD boy wanted a kiss no doubt
just to have something to reminisce about I'm booty licious ready to twist and shout
Dollar store next door FORDHAM DRIVE out front right now December and some-
how I REMEMBER SANTA CLAUS I sit in his lap then he git to rap a lot of legit crap from
books had sex breasts and pies and he express surprise over that, oh he jest kiss my
lips while I sit in his lap oh my kissers getting zap with stuff for real, he bring toys
to boys but for girl he had something else oh gosh I'm getting brainwashed this annoys
me I better leave not clever to let him squeeze my waist guaranteed lace can't waste
time with this so I left PUERTO RICAN girl have to be smart


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May 11, 2006
Like a coach demand that rules be followed walked into the school and holler but really want be a cool scholar, many ocean of crime nothing that devotion and time won't solve my mind involved with success, no limits to the flow of academics I go to clinics because my flow so sick, let the doctor issue a proper description, this stuff require knowledge and a desire for college just to set fire to garbage, by means of textbooks which lead to extreme complex looks on pages, like classics of rhymes this is drastic sometimes so I blast it online and duck dinosaurs dang
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