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Sep 20, 2020
The is a man who not long ago moved to Ohio with his wife by the name of Muhammad Eury.The person renting to Muhammad had him believing that he owned the home they lived in. But documents came through the mail ordering all people to vacate the premises. Muhammad recieved a copy of the dopcument and sought for another place to live. But due to lack of funds from the long and massive move to Ohio, their savings went under. Muhammad then sought aid from the Coty of Cleveland, with many witnesses and who will confirm these facts. He was instructed to go to the Days Inn motel and speak with a Meghan Crow. So Muhammad left for the motel but was not seen that day by Mrs. Crow. He was seen by a black girl who simply goes by the name Sharmane. Sharmane then read a list of rules that was written on a piece of paper but no standardized forms were being supplied to guests affected by the Covid mandates and the realestate market. Millions of homeowners have applied for bankruptsy and the numbers are still rising. Anyway, Muhammad's mate didn't want to move into the motel because she had heard very awful things about the place. So she moved in with a female from a mosjid. Muhammad moved into the Days Inn motel because this is his way. From the first day Muhammad moved into the motel he was under surveillance and it was if he was being targeted. So he started spending less time amongst the Motel Monitors and more on getting himself out of that awful place with a disturbing history. The female Monitor known as Sharmane and her close friend, Curtis Grover at the time, would try and spy on Muhammad, or would stand outside his room to try and hear what sort of conversations he was having on his phone. It was a disturbing deal and a few of the neighbors close by the motel would listen to how Sharmane would treat Muhammad each time he came outside. She didn't want others to speak with him and whatever he did they criticized him about it. So Muhammad then thought that because his legal name was Muhammad maybe they were just prejudice against him because they didn't respect any muslim ways other than those of Christians. MuThey automatically assumed that because his name was Muhammad he followed the Islam they so discriminate against. But the plot goes deeper than that.

Muhammad, when he firast got to the motel, witnessed all sorts of injustices towards any guests who voiced their opinions against the Monitors or motel staff. It was like running a jail or a prison. Guests are treated more like inmates or prisoners than they are guests. So Muhammad started educating the misinformed about the rights they had to fight against tyranny in public places, even if the workers were low level employees from some charitable organization who help fund those in crisis. Everyone still has rights until America has been fully tooken over by Communists. The wisdom Muhammad shared was profound and people in the area started wanting to speak with him more and more. But the motel Monitor Sharmane was paying attention very closely. Her intentions were malicious and she didn't believe in anything Muhammad was teaching. So she started telling guests to stay away from him w. Some of the guests would go outside the motel and talk about the plots against Muhammad. Some people started posting some of Muhammad's speeches on the internet and because of the profoundness of those speeches, it attracted the attention of certain local Lakewood, Ohio, police, black politicians, blacks in power positions of various sorts in Cuyahoga County, along with white supremacists. The first thing they wanted to do was find out who this Muhammad was. But outside of working on his job Muhammad spends most of his time within his motel room reading, studying, and meditating. There is prostitution, drugs, conspiracies, and massive racism and discrimination at the Days Inn which Muhammad wanted no part of. But when the county aids financially in some way those who have been discplaced by Covid mandates, they have a tendency to force themselves onto their clients or motel guests. Motel surveillance isn't being used because all sorts of violations have tooken place and those violating were lying informants for the Monitors.


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Sep 20, 2020
Anyway, Muhammad refused to participate in mind control and intelligently kept his distance from Sharmane, Cyurtis Grover, a guy name Frank who replaced Curtis Grover, and a guy name Larry, amongst so many others. It was said that Frank was transferred from the ruthless Men's Shelter in downtown Cleveland, where there have been multiple assaults, stabbings, robberies, and a few murders. Frank, according to those that know him from that location, claim that he was part of the group which helped coveruo tragedies just so everyone would remain employed. Frank then took his many deception techniques to the Days Inn and Muhammad was the target. Word was getting out that some blackman name Muhammad was causing all sorts of investigations which had to be stopped. So they started trying to locate all who were posting what was going on against Muhammad on Social Media. This involved the motel's Maintenance workers, housekeepers, Monitors, and motel employees. A certain kind of device was used to pinpoint all those using the motel's wifi. They wanted to know who it was that was leaking their secrets. People that they suspected was accused of motel violations they were innocent of and was kicked out into the cold night with police escorts. Sometimes they were tooken to jail. So once they completely turned over the population of guests staying at the Days Inn when Muhammad had first moved in, newer guests were handpicked. They had to get people into the motel who didn't believe in helping others and exposing corruption. So they handpicked racist caucasians, respectively, and blacks who worshipped them, adhearing to their every beckon call. Some of the neighbors have witnessed how the racist white supremacists prided themselves in watching two blackmen speaking, and then just cutting in, pulling away one of those blackmen. Presently, everything taking place at the Days Inn is mind controlled. The target was still Muhammad, because they say he hs too much knowledge and wisdom and is a threat.

So a few of the neighbors staying very close to the Days Inn who respect Muhammad started posting to Social Media about what was going on with him. Within the past 7 days, according to very reliable sources, some sort of device was used on the motel's wifi to narrow down the location of all users. Sharmane, and other blacks working at the motel claimed Muhammad was one of those posting complaints over the internet about misuse of informants, sewage water coming up through the sink and toilet within rooms that sit for days, amongst other complaints. So they started communicating with the moderators of those websites people posted about the horrible conditions against Muhammad. From what others have posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, those moderators were either politically or financially motivated which led to the earsing of their threads, along with them being banned. Sharmane, Jean Kosmac, Meghan Crow, and others have managed to get certain people believing that Muhammad was behind all of the complaints in some way. In truth, Muhammad didn't know anything about the threads posted exposing what horrible onditions he was facing. But Sharmane and many of the other Monitors and staff claimed that the device used to monitor the internet came from around where he lived. But those posting about the conditions live just a few doors from the Days Inn. Some would sit in their cars watching what goes on and would access the motel's wifi. Even ex-employees who either quit or were fired from the Days Inn claim the wifi password is a job and anyone can get into it. But Sharmane, and now Frank, feel that by blaming Muhammad it eliminates all complaints and gives them a pass to communicate with website moderators were complaints were erected, and have those complaints removed.

Since the motel employees, along with personal hackers and corrupt police, have managed to get the motel to a point where all guests comply to any orders without question, Muhammad being targeted has intensified. A gang member walked up to Muhammad days ago and told him to watch himself because there was a plot against him withmany players involved. The motel staff along with the Monitors have a specific breed of motel guests now staying at the motel who does anything asked. A few friends were at the motel a few days ago and watched how people were people told things against Muhammad, and the place of origin where those rumors derived were from either motel employees or Monitors. Most of those guests have no money nor prospects of any sort, and will snitch or lie on a person for a pack of cigarettes. When people post Muhammad's lectures on websites, assassinations, murders, drug deals, and more seem to cease for a time. But then the heads of black leadership, along with the assistance of caucasian leadership, recruits mysterious blackmen to make their presence known. The syndicates work together to protect their criminal enterprise using every tactic known to man. In Cuyahoga County, Ohio, alone, there have been many young girls snatched up in human trafficking. Arabs are selling drugs out of their stores which has a similar effect as that of K-2. People smoke this weed and wake up the next day screaming to themselves and going completely out of their heads. The Days Inn motel, along with many property owners in Lakewood, Ohio, is owned by Arabs who are very ruthless and deceitful businessmen and women. The reason myself and about 40 others are posting to websites everywhere about Muhammad's plight is because he is a decent and kindhearted man they seek to make corrupt or turn people against because he refuses to be corrupt. The Days Inn motel has a pattern where everyone tells the same lie and seriously stick with it. We have overheard some of the gangsters saying that there was a plot to throw Muhammad out of the motel and then he would be met with a tragic accident. So pay close attention because when the world loses Muhammad, they have lost a great unknown person who try and help support everyone with intelligence and logic. Some people will believe anything and are lost. Even Sharmane was overheard telling others that she believes everything said about the Covid-19, she doesn't beleieve in a New World Order, America will not collapse, and her god tells her that the government is righteous which is why she listens and complies. This is the views of most black people living in West Cleveland, Lakewood, Parma, and Westlake, Ohio.


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Sep 20, 2020
Muhammad says that a New World Order is about to be unleashed into the United States and other countries are paving the way for whats to soon hit America. T^he Australians are on lockdown. The State of Israel is on lockdown. Spain is on lockdown. London is on lockdown. And more countries are following their pursuit. Pope Francis has now tooken this time to plead with the United Nations to use massive force and come into America, along with other gun carrying countries, and take guns by force! Muhammad says that most Americans don't know what a Communist is until they are imprisoned in their homes with their face masks while being told to seperate from other gumans. Muhammad also says that a virus was unleashed in order to kill enough people, and with proper instruction, everyone else will be told what they needed to do to allegedly protect themselves. America is the Communist Center of the world right now. Muhammad says people are now experiencing what it was like in Soviet Russia prior to old Russia. The word "Soviet" means a small group of people not elected to run government. There are now Soviets running America and small pockets of Soviets telling Americans what they can and cannot do. Their useful idiots are those calling police on people not wearing face masks or social distancing. These people are the ones who are trying to destroy America as you know it and Muhammad's lecture gets more in detail. Muhammad says every police department across the U.S. is going along with the Communist takeover of America. Muhammad further says black people are being mind controlled in a very different way. There are black Communist groups and organizations like the NAACP and Black Lives Matter who who are for the protests all across America, pretending to be interested in what black people are suffering. Muhammad says the only people keeping down black people is other black people! Anyhway, people recently listened to the leader of the Black Lives Matter movement from Los Angeles. Her name is Patricia Colors. Patricia Colors openly said that BLM is a Marxist Communist New World Order organization.

This is why members who have shot at police were artrested and charged with very petty offenses. There are some powerful people funding the BLM movement hoping to make all blacks rise up against the government for Communist takeover. Mrs. Colors also said that before each protest they conjure Yoruba demons to help them fight. These same Yoruba demons (Orisha) are mostly called upon by Nigerians in Africa, who really never cared for American negroes. As they sold blacks into slavery over 460 years ago, they are this time selling blacks into a global slavery. Muhammad says the Yoruba demons are the same as Sumerian demons who sacrificed little children and ate them. They feasted on human flesh and more. Muhammad also says that many states have passed laws protecting pedophiles. He also proved that humans were being eaten and the remains not eaten have been placed in organic foods. Hispanic stores also are involved. Arab stores are also involved. The parts of the body not consumed by the flesh eaters is burned or cremated. The ashes is then grinded up into animal feed or is placed into the soil and is used as fertilizer for vegetables. Muhammad says a specific spell is chanted amongst Druid sorts, and when a person consumes the foodstuffs a spell immediately overtakes them. In the State of Washington a law was passed for human remains to be used in compost. The remains is mixed in chicken feed, pigs, cattle, et cetera. And while Americans are under this spell they are being conditioned like training a dog to comply for whats demanded of them. In the New World Order pedophilia will no longer be a crime. Human sacrifice will no longer be a crime. Many of you can see laws changing in states all across the U.S. right now which is supporting these demonic practices. Both Arab and Spanish business owners, amongst many others, are part of this new system of global evil. People are being told that President Trump is establishing peace amongst nations, and all must bow to the State of Israel (the Beast) just before the Dawn (New World Order). And while President Trump is working his magic other forms of magic are being casted, but the leader of all this evil until NAN.NAR reigns upon the earth is Pope Francis! Every country must bow and those like Sudan will be eliminated. Trump told Sudan to bow or else!

Muhammad says that many of you term yourselves Americans. You are not Americans because there have been a system reset. You are now considered Soviet Marxist Leninists Communists. When you fill out forms or job application don't be misled because of what they say. They don't ask if you are an American. They ask if you are a U.S. citizen. Here in Soviet America there are a small group of people running everything, no matter where you go in America. You are now living under a Communist Marxist system, which is why it isn't hard to see why Black Lives Matter claimed to be Marxists. Masny of them are being funded by members of the Boule Society who are some of the wealthiest people on the planet. Every ethnicity you see in those marches there are those who are of their race who is funding the movement. The Millenials and Generation Z shall bring death and destruction upon every American being told that they will be spared during the reign of NAN.NAR. The bio-weapons (Coronavirus-Covid-19, etc) is used to scare the people and get them in order. They order you to wear a face mask, stay at least 6 or more feet from any human, keep your mouths shut about it and don't question authority. This is an old ancient New World Order thats coming which was a time when demons ran the planet. Those who are calling upon these demons like BLM and others, know what is going to be the end result. Others are uninformed or ignorant and will have to experience it without a fight. Millions will die in vain and no god or Jesus is going to save you from it. All religious leaders are part of it and they dare not tell you the truth! Muhammad say October of 2020 will be a terrifying time for every human on the planet, especially for Americans. He says you will every human will suffer a period of 18 months. In October of 2020, an event so massive will occur that it will affect every place on the Planet Earth. Nothing can stop whats coming other than an asteroid hitting the planet and wiping out every living creature on it. Soon you all will see that your Jesus, your god, your Allah, your El Shaddai, et cetera, won't intervene whats coming.


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Sep 20, 2020
Nothing can stop America from going full Communism! The plan is to restrict you to your homes using Covid-19 mandates, And if they are successfull in destroying all small business (watch out for those ruthless Arabs, Spanish, and other spies also running businesses who secretly help to destroy Americans businesses in operation long before theirs) it will destroy the entire economy and America will collapse, taking every nation that fed off of her with it. Once this happens there will then be a full Communist takeover world wide and the party known as Democrats will rule over the entire world! Their rule will be under a Soviet Communist system. Beware of the tricks of Michael Robinson, now known as Michelle Obama. Beware of her husband who holds the power and rule over the Council of 13, and others, because it is he who is tied in with NAN.NAR and the demonic lost, but now found, Planet Mars operatives that destroyed that planet with their New World Order many many years ago. Right now there are 5 ways they are trying to collapse America.

1. Turning people against one another and also using mandates under Covid-19 to divide those of the same race.
2. They have ruined or destroyed the education system.
3. Pope Francis have ordered the United Nations to disarm all Americans and others in countries with firearms.
4. They have tooken away family life and made it synthetic.
5. Force people to wear face masks and socially distance themselves in order to show compliance to global Communism.

All American Governors and Mayors have been bought and paid for. They are betraying the people while at the same time claiming to sympathize with their present demise. The Stimulus checks is a last minute giveway before the takeover. It conditions your minds to trust one part of the government because they are giving you money in the time of need. Do you not know that they are the very ones who placed you in your demise? Muhammad says Ocotober of 2020 will be the beginning of a very terrifying time for humans everywhere. The event to take place will be much more catastrophic than September 11, 2001. The Demon Deity of War is about to be honored through massive bloodshed of humans. And the more humans that are sacrificed the more and more this demon rears its, for lack of a better word, ugly head. The massive event will last 18 months. You will witness events never before dramed about, and many of you will wish you had listened to your great great grandparents. Others who are too young to know their ancestors will wished that they sought to find out more about them. It will be a time of great sorrow. Americans, during these times, will realize the real purpose of the Knights Templar, the Knights of Balta, and the Jesuit operations presently speared headed by Pope Francis. Within that 18 month period everything will be digitalized and all DARPA technology will reign in the streets. Many of you will have bio-chip implants and those who refused will be at war. The latest military technology and robots will takeover the world. The reason why Puerto Ricans are so important is because the first Federal Reserve was help in Puerto Rico. The word Puerto Rico alludes to the Pirates of the Carribean (Carib is a cannibal and means human flesh eater), which is why there was a disney movie on this. The movie was masked in Illuminati symbolism which is why most couldn't grasp the true meaning of the movie. In 1868, the Federal Reserve was re-adjusted in Puerto Rico because America wasn't America anymore. It was now the United States of Corporations. Over 98% of Puerto Rican owned businesses are connected with Communism, and have their ties in the New World Order. They care very little about their own race and feel they are working towards a greater evil, but good to them. The Knights of Balta and the Knights Templar are changing the world. Whether informed or uninformed, every living creature shall experience hell!

One of the reasons Muhammad is such a threat and is targeted so much by black people in power is because of the uniqueness of his information. People have sloen his information after threads were removed and posted them on their own websites as if they were coming out with the information. Such websites were, etc. Here is knowledge and wisdom coming from the mind of Muhammad. If you seek to know more indepth info on things to come, just make sure this thread can survive at least two days without being removed. If the moderator is either politically or financially motivated then the post may be removed immediately. This seems to be the new trend amongst all those websites claiming that they don't discriminate and that all views are respected. Well the proof is in the put in. Lets see what they do after I post one of Muhammad's lectures below. You are about to embark upon a journey into the mind of Muhammad. May you get what you need out of it as America continues to transform. ASnd so it begins....

Muhammad's Message: Greetings to all. At this space/time continuum there is alot at play which shall not only affect each and every mortal on earth. It will alsoaffect the very planetary sphere we all share. As we have stated on several occasions, there is a Galictical Confederation of Planets which overseer each planet within their many systems. In the universe we have whats called the Galactical Confederation of Planets where beings from higher worlds will come together or convene in many places throughout the galaxy for peace in the universe. The Draconians, who were linked with those that destroyed the Planet Mars, control humans on earth in 2020. They speak words of peace but their hearts devise events much more sinister than most humans can concieve. In each and every institution, their characteristics and ways have been adopted by those running the institutions whether in supervisory positions or just workers. This trickles down to restaurants, motels, hotels, job sites, apartment complexes, and more. The Draconians have distorted what is good and substituted it for that which is bad or evil. They have also took away what was once natural and have substituted it for that which is synthetic. The minds of many people have been conditioned to accept this evil as being something good and countless lives have been tooken as a result of this. There is a reason why all of this is taking place and it has to do with Sumerian deities. A New World Order, which was responsible for the destruction of the once thriving Planet Mars, is about to be implemented against the human population on earth. At this present space/time contuum, many different countries which drink from the blood the United States produces, are locking down their entire countries using police and military force. The technology being used against humans was revealed by so-called conspiracy theorists years ago. Now those so-called conspiracies have proven to be fact. But look at how many died, were imprisoned, were victimized in some way, and this list goes on, before people started to get the idea. Your numbers have crumbled and the Draconians and their Luciferian counterparts have calculated everything and every event.

Beings have asked why is so many ateroids and meteorites so close to earth. It is because judgement is about to be passed against the inhabitants of earth. As we stated earlier, the Galactical Confederation is also responsible for passing judgement on planets. From this fact comes Judgement Day, even found within your Bibles and Qurans (Korans). The Book of Revelation speaks of the end of a species rule over the planet. The Galactical Confederation passes judgements on planets to see if knowledge and consciousness have been raised. Your so-called leaders know this and even tried implementing this but for all the wrong reasons. They turned what was good to be considered bad, and whats bad to now be considered good or desirable. That which is bad was a New World Order carried out on the Planet Mars before its destruction. Now they plan on destroying earth using technology as well. Many of those same beings were quarantined by the Galactical Confederation. The quarantine was about renegades being sent to earth to incarnate as humans, and is a prison for those beings. This is why they crave wealth and power. This is their heaven. However, many of these beings had done very evil and wicked things in other places and earth is like a prison for them. At the Millenium, the quarantine was lifted and many of these demonic forces are being removed from earth. Thus, the Pleidians have already had their 144,000 removed. Those left here on earth presently trying to stay in power are the Children of the Pleiadians. The Galactical Confederation is closely monitoring to see if there are beings on earth qualified to rule over earth. Humans need to pay very lose attention to this! Many earthlings don't know or don't want to know that there are myriad different species on earth presently. Through religion, Illuminati controlled schools, and the local, national, and celebrity news media manipulations, people have been successfully programmed in thinking that they are the only life that exists on earth. Many beings ruling today suffer from sucidal tendencies, and before they give up rule they are willing to kill themselves, all humans, and even destroy the entire planet. The Galactical Confederation are the higher beings who police over 300 different Star Systems in this Galaxy alone. The Galactical Confederation is responsible for seeding life on planets and is responsible for destroying planets. Earth is presently headed on a path of destruction, and even NASA and the media are revealing upcoming meteorites headed for earth. They term it Apophis. Apophis is considered an asteroid and is also the name of an Egiptian Demon symbolized by the snake. Apophis was also the enemy of the Egiptian Deity many call Ra, or the Sun. The sun sustains all life on earth, literally speaking and metaphorically speaking, and from time to time Apophis would launch attacks. if Apophis attacks earth, it will be in the form of a fireball. Meteorites are either metallic or made of stone.


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Sep 20, 2020
And when they enter the earth's atmosphere, the friction from the metallic balls cause these meteorites to become flames of fire. The Book of Revelation even speaks of fire coming from the heavens which will consume the earth. If that happens many things will literally burn up. Even though the evil and wicked Arabs try and keep it away from the people, the Kaaba, the cubed shaped struction in Mecca which nearly all muslims prays to and towards, has an even smaller box like structure buried within it. That box like structure holds inside, a meteorite. This meteorite was held in hopes earthlings would remember what took place in places where pure evil reigned. However, the amount of carbon released from the impact of a massive asteroid or meteorite would blot out the sun, and all life will eventually die. Even those who manage to hide themselves will eventually die from starvation. This will send the earth into an Ice Age. This is what happened to the finosaurs. You can believe in any god they have indoctrinated you to believe in and that god or those gods won't save you from this destruction. Your prayers are not going to stop some massive object heading for earth, traveling at speeds over 3,000 miles per an hour. 68 million years ago dinosaurs were destroyed in this same way. There have been facts uncovered by scientists confirming this. The large craters in the earth in those regions is a reminder. Humans all across the planet, should be back religions to those demons who created it to enslave you. Your heaven and hell concepts hold an even higher dramatic end for those for those of you whose minds and consciousness remains constricted by those demonic controllers. Women must remember that as you are gods over men, you are not yet ready to accept the throne. Many of you have been poisoned by the Children of Pleidians to accept wealth and power over true love and complete unity. Material wealth should have no place in your minds as it will surely come should you balance yoursleves. Many of your vibrations still give off inharmonius frequencies showing instability in many ways. There are many very powerful women on earth who could have stopped alot of whats going on now. And because you refused to step up and be the Mother Nurturer, countless humans will die in vain and from starvation. Countless humans will perish in 2020, and because many of you have tooken blood oaths, and have performed rituals in order to be accepted in the world of the Children of the Pleiadians, you are bound by your desires. They will eliminate you, should you betray them, and this you know.

Humans must understand that this planet is controlled by extraterretrials. And many of you have no idea how deep their influence is within your everyday lives. They have many agents and Arabs are dedicated agents for the Nephilim. They use their religion, Islam, to enslave because it rewards them fianancially. And many of those financial powerhouses over huge mosques and businesses, during the month of Ramadan, they secretly eat, smoke cigarettes, curse or use profanity, plot, slander, display racism, and more. The blacks and caucasians working under them overlooks this because the money they are being paid is good. The gods of the Arabs have been at war for thousands of years. From Anunnaki to Enqi and Enlil, these beings are the same good and evil beings of the Torah. They were overseen by the Anakim or Eloheem or Alihat. Both sides seek to rule earth and all of its resources, including livestock, who they see as animals and humans. Many other extraterrestrials have also come and joined the conflict, which is why people are seeing more and more so-called UFO's. Most humans are under a spell of hypnotic sleep. These humans are worshipping their slave masters. There are so many extraterrestrials that humans don't know who to worship. These humans live by faith, hope, and wishes, which the news media and television commercials teach them daily. They believe in God or Gods unseen. In Christianity if you don't live a certain way you cannot partake of earthly success. The same goes with both Islam and Judaism. In truth, those Sumerian demons overseeing all earthly religions is fighting to break all religions down to one. This is one reasom why in their New World Order the religion shall be a One World Religion. The Catholics are the first to fall. And many others shall fall as well. Some say this One World Religion is about sun worship. But is really about the worship and sacrifice to Sumerian Deities. As we've stated in a previous thread, COVID-19, involves conspiracies that outweigh many previous conspiracies. COVID-19, is linked to dogs and there is still alot of people embracing them as relatives or children. The news media has been perpetrating lies about this COVID-19, and the deaths attributed to it. They claim that most people who died from the virus were blacks and latinos. In truth, those blacks and latinos perished due to having other pre-existing diseases or illnesses. The lack of doctors, the lack of medical care, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, and all the things they shouldn't be eating or drinking were tied in with the virus that led to their demise. The cure lies in the plasma!

The blood plasma and the hemoglobin is what the devils are after, which is one reason they are requesting blood from people, especially during this COVID-19 fiasco. They temporari;y move back and forth the virus to donating blood. They want the plasma in the blood with the hemoglobin. The plasma is the clotting factor and every 300 years they have to mix with others or they will die. During the slave trade there were beings who needed the blood of black abd brown people due to being hemophiliacs. In the 1600's they couldn't use the blood of Africans because their genes were too dominant for recessive genes. Thus, they traveled around the continent of Africa in search of Nubians, or those with mixed blood lines, or the new being. in Morocco, that was spanish and french mixed which led to small pox. And due to this mixture there were many different other genes created which ended up wiping out many indigneous people. Such diseases which sprung forth were tifis, measles, influenze, bubonic plague (so-called Black Death), cholera, malaria, mumps, yellow fever, tuberculosis, and a unusual type of syphilis, to name a few. They can use ions in the air to give people cancer in any part of the body they seek. They can also use it to affect the hemoglobin in the body the same way. Our next point will be of the greatest importance for all humans. As you know, when certain species kill other animals before eating them, they like to create the element of fear which gives the flesh a very desired taste for them. Every 300 years they must mix in or the entire species will die. Africa was the only gray place where the coronavirus didn't flourish. Then they changed it after people wanted to know why Africa wasn't being affected by COVID 19. They lied and said it was because of the malaria medicine! They know that we know the truth and they cannot trick or fool us! The only ones being fooled are those who refuse to do research for themselves and rely heavily on the local and national news medias, with their analysts and strategists, supported by demonic scientists and gene manipulators. Right now they are going to wipe out most of the population with 5G. They are lying to all humans and is putting up towers whether humans agree to it or not. This 5G will cause many to die as they walk down a sidewalk. Many will simply expire.

But before we get into the science of 5G and a few effects it has on the human body, it must also be known that the month of October will be the beginning of a terrifying end for many. Every living being will experience hell, and it will be as terrifying as your religious hell stories. Pope Francis, a chief demonic entity, is pleading with the United Nations to use massive force to disarm humans across the globe! The New World Order is Communism across the globe. Most Americans don't know what a Communist is until they are imprisoned in their homes with their face masks on, while being told to seperate from other humans. Several viruses was unleashed in order to kill enough people, and with proper instruction, everyone else will be told what they need to do to allegedly protect themselves. America is the Communist Center of the world right now. Humans across the globe are now experiencing what it was like in Soviet Russia prior to old Russia. The word "Soviet" means a small group of people not elected to run government. There are now Soviets running America and small pockets of Soviets telling Americans what they can and cannot do. Their useful idiots are those calling police on people not wearing face masks or social distancing. These humans are the ones feuling the destruction of America as you now know it. Each and every police department across the U.S. is going along with the Communist takeover of America. Negroes are being mentally manipulated in a very different way. There are black Communist groups and organizations like the NAACP and Black Lives Matter who are for the protests all across America, pretending to be interested in how Negroids are suffering. Most of the so-called black organizations have been working with the evil ones since before the slave trade. They worship under the Yoruba religion invoking the Orisha, who are equivalent to Sumerian demons. Yoruba demons are the same as Sumerian demons who sacrificed little children and ate them. They feasted on human flesh, and in 2020, parts of the body not consumed is burned or cremated, and the ashes, after global satanic spells and rituals are implemented, is mixed with vegetables and meats. The remains is mixed in chicken feed, pig slop, and cattle feed, et cetera. And while Americans are under this spell they are being conditioned like training a dog to comply for whats demanded of them. In the New World Order pedophilia will no longer be a crime. Human sacrifice will no longer be a crime. Many of you can see laws changing in states all across the U.S. right now which is supporting these demonic practices.

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