Black Relationships : Help!!!!-Need Advice


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Oct 10, 2011
First, Please do not judge me and Second thanks in advance for the guidance and answers to my dilemma
I am 40 years old SBF with no kids who met a SBM with no kids at my part time job but at the time had a Caucasian girlfriend, whom he was living with. Well over the year that we worked together, we talked and and got to know each other pretty good....even when out for a couple of drinks after work....Well one night after work at a bar, we kissed..Yes it was wrong...and I know that and it never happened again...However he did confess that he was very much attracted to me and was sorry for the kiss. the line was crossed..but we both agreed it shouldnt go further...We continuied to be friends until he left the place of employment for a better opportunity....but it seem like when he left...he still wanted to be friends via text but not in person...which honestly..seems a little off-kiltered. Now grant it, him and gf were having problems before he left and he would reach out to me to get a woman's opinion about the situation, which I gladly gave.... and he would give his advice on men to me when we would meet out and grab a bite and discuss his problems...- thats it, nothing more...I do know there is a boundary that should not be crossed within our friendship...but really valued his friendship as I dont have many male friends....He'll text and want to have a drawn out conversation via text all day long as opposed to just meeting in person discussing our dilemmas...- Just comes across like he doesnt want to me around me...I do hope i taking it the wrong way....but it just seems that way. He's just content texting.


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Nov 16, 2011
He's also with a White woman.

Those Black interracialist need to be broken away from, IMO.

As to your friend, sounds like he doesn't want to leave his White woman for you; hence he's resisting temptation by not having to look at your beauty.

To say it bluntly, any man who doesn't follow his heart isn't a man.

As an elder tells me, "A word to the wise should be sufficient."


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Oct 10, 2011
That very sweet AB siblings......:) but i hardly think its that..... For instance he reached out to me last week, because he was having problems with his girlfriend. He asked if we could meet up on two seperate occasions, but he nevered followed thru with meeting up. I told him that I would meet him and that we could talk about and get him through his situation.... I mean why reach out, if you are not going to follow through. - Makes no sense to me.

Jan 22, 2001
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Sister ... why are you 40 years old, still needing help like this?

These are the questions a young girl, with no life experience, should be asking.

You are well over the age of ... "should be able to navigate such things" ... your own self.

Why aren't you there?

The answer to that question may solve all of your relationship dilemmas.

Love You!


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