Black Muslims : Hell [An Analogy]


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Aug 17, 2010
The following is taken from the teachings of the respected and honourable Shaykh Yunus Patel (RA) and offers excellent points for understanding:

"In this worldly life we accept prisons and jails, we accept punishments, we accept rules and regulations made by the government. We accept most of it without any question. Yet, when it comes to Allah Ta’ala and we say that we believe in Him – then why so many questions?

Just as a country is incomplete without a prison - due to the fact that there are criminals, fraudsters, etc. – so too Allah Ta’ala’s "government" would be incomplete without the prison of Jahannum. Just as the governments of this world give sentences and rulings according to the nature of the crime – Similarly Allah Ta’ala gives a ruling in accordance to the degree of disobedience.

The person who betrays his government, commits high-treason – so he has to contend with the severest punishment – because he went against the state. The person who rejects the "government" of Allah Ta’ala has to contend with an eternal punishment.

Moreover, a person’s rejection of Allah Ta’ala is ‘deliberate’ – no person can argue that he didn’t know Allah Ta’ala – because each and every soul acknowledged Allah Ta’ala in Aalame Arwah (the world of souls) and testified to Allah Ta'ala being the Creator and Nourisher. This was a pledge taken by the soul."

by Shaykh Yunus Patel (RA)
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