Black People : Hear Me Oh Black World In Need Of Recovery

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Hear Me Oh Black World In A Need Of Divine Recovery Of The Divine Mind That Comes With That Black Body!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

To all of the Divine Minded Black Afrikan Warriors, Goddesses And Gods of a Physical appearance, to you do I confront to remind you of what you are here at this time to do.

We live today not to be actors of foolishness living under the cover of Lucifer Religious belief system, but to become again the Divine Black self Nature Designed your Black behind to be and Nature Error Not, you beloved Black Afrikan Woman and Man are not Black by mistake but by the mere fact of the origin of your pigmented appearance which many others who carry not the code of your Divinity tell you that your Blackness carries no significant Divine value, not so beloved, your Blackness be the code that verifies the presence of the Greater Good-God, it is the Divine Essence out of which everything becomes to appear as it is to be, reacting only to that which is in the presence of the Nature of you being as you in the physical performance based on the nature of your choosing, the choice being absolute access to your living performance, beloved.

So you ask, who are you and I respond I am someone you need to get to know personally AND SPIRITUALLY and you do so by studying every jot and tittle of every word I share with you, for we now approach the Time of reckoning you having the self obligation to choose a way of living once common to the performance of a Divine Mind which once was in the possession of your Black Body movement.

Time for useless Folly by you is no more, Afrika is in need of its Sovereignty and the Black Afrikans our Freedom, there is no substitute for neither, the two are intwined to each, needing a performance by you to secure the Greater Good of the presence in you, being in a world without respect for Afrika and your Black Afrikan presence.

Hear me oh once Divine Cosmic Black Universal Divine Being, the time of your rising again is at now time, not tomorrow but today, now in the presence which verify you having had a past and tomorrow serve only as an illusion to you and illusions throw you off balance with the nature of your performance, living without the presence of Freedom, Justice, and Independence to be in Afrika.

Black Woman and Man, show me, point to me your Black Leaders which many Black Afrikans make claim to be to you and inform me of the direction they tell ( commanding word )don't you know that you are beyond being better?

You must not go to earn a better way of living, Your Blackness Demand Freedom, your Black leaders made claim to be the wiser among Black Afrikan people, yet they point not to you the way to the Trinity of Your Divinity, Freedom, Justice, And Independence, yet they who are making claim to be your leader and point not the way to your Freedom is your enemy Black woman and Man!!!

Nothing Black Woman and Man, trump your right to be free, no better off, no advancement, no hope and praying, it is your Freedom that resides in the presence of the Greater Good-God the Divine Essence the Infinite Dark Energy Intelligence that Blesses not and punish Not, such pleasure and discomfort in living comes from the choices you make, Black Woman and Man!!!

There at the Apex Of Divine Living reside Freedom, Justice, and Independence, the question is, do you desire to be Free living in Afrika, there is where your Divine strength resides, Black Woman and Man.

The Devil, Satan, Lucifer the Human Being which come in many pigment shades take no pleasure in you being introduced to this Divine Truth I share with you without the cover of lies and deception, beloved.

Divine Respect
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