Black Spirituality Religion : He That Believeth On Out Of His Belly Shall Flow River Of Living Water


Apr 25, 2004
O Yashua May Your Love Continue To Anniont , Our Hearts , Our Mind , Our Souls That We May Know, Thy Word , Thy Will , Thy Way ,He That Believeth On Me As The Scripture Hath Said Out Of His Belly Shall Flow Rivers Of Living Water . Oh Rabb Who Is Master , I Humble Myself Before , You , Begging That You Reward Me By Revealing The Secrets Of El's Holy Torah , I Yearn To Read With My Heart , For I Grave To OverStand Your Celestial Teaching , And You Are The All Observant . Who Sees All We Do And Hear All We Say , You Can Read Deeds As Well As Intentions For You See The Essence Of Enosites = Mortal Man / Woman / Child , You Do Not Like Vice And Corryption ; And I Submit To This , For My Life Is In Your Hands And In You . Lies My Salvation . . In The Name Of The Lord Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ


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Feb 26, 2013
Hmmm, seems to be a prayer. :)

True, our life is in the Father's hands and those faithful will never lose out. Those who believe in the Son's resurrection and have faith in His sacrifice on the tree for our salvation truly do forever have life in the Father and Son, which is everlasting and true.

We should submit ourselves over, humble our entire being, and fear our KING while loving His Way, also. His Spirit will be upon us, and understanding will come our way in all of His Word, and wisdom will be our guide. Blessings!
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