Black Poetry : HE SAID


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May 11, 2006
Have a desire to possess but it require a girl’s breast and nothing less //
Wanna go to the beach oh no here comes a peach fine brown butt rest //
Want her in my room so i can sniff her brand of perfume then kiss her lips //
She’s bless with brisk hips wanna lift her dress I know her gift is bless trips //
Downtown in the making gonna be around taking chances at romances wow //
Got s cell phone she’ll be swell at home dope text and hope for sex and now //
Want an apple and a can of Snapple, always clever taught but never thought //
I could aspire to those heights with flows my writes are banging but caught //
Between a rock and a hard place, dumb thinking don’t keep me from sinking //
Kicking like a chicken my eggs all hatch now have a small patch of stinking //
Verses it’s a wordy flow and like dirty snow this could melt but a girl’s kiss //
Would help, in the car with a list of girls at risk when i hurl words bliss //
my master flow is like the afterglow tame the best and remain //
in the west after the sun gone down, use strong nouns aimed //
to pound brains, my heart on fire that's part of my desire for //
a chick quick my flow bizarre, but go too far with love in a bar //
Come with deep quotes just keep my boat afloat fishing for whales //
Wishing for females it never rains on her parade oh snap! I see //
a mermaid “STOP DREAMING, I go to the bar today and sashay in //
a mini-skirt not a T.H.O.T. but I'm hot a boy stop try get some and win //
My heart hey “boo you wanna drink?” oh gosh he’s gonna think about //
A date for cake possibly “OK A CUP of wine boo your butt is fine no doubt //
If the romance is right we can dance all night the waitress pour the wine //
My game is to flirt while you watch my body framework so i remain //
Alert through this, a boy could do damage to my Oreo sandwich came //
To rap up on some huh?” my brown hips fine while i sip wine my luck //
a confident strut a dominant butt waiting for a comment what up? //
So look yall it's like football ready-set-hut and my panties sweaty //
and all wet up but boys wanna feel gold, they score and confetti //
Fly high I try escape and get tackle by love words that do me in //
So boys aim rhyme to touch my frame of mind and shake my trend //
End up cake for men that make me grin this could be fake depend //
On who it coming from”, “SO BOO let me take you home tonight” //
“YOU EXPRESS affection I suggest protection have a condom awight?” //
“BOO I’M ON the edge of your lace it’s just a pledge of faith and it’s all tight” //
I’m here to flow hype and not a stereotype to a smaller extent the land- //
lord is a caller for rent” “WELL YOU GOT TO pay to lay renters in demand //
I’m stuck up like a dumb tree to some degree and from the sea come //
Sick politics I’m plumb sick of fake game” “WELL BOO we can go to JARED
And get married I could put a ring on that make it a bling stat while carried //
In your purse while boys wanna be my shoes made of leather, serenade clever //
Decisions, my imagination I feast and use it like a piece of music my plan //
Is right like a man at night toting a Hershey bar girl you chocolate should //
let me rock it want our affair to move through the air using wings i would//
be a fly guy then, this is large and absurd like a barrage of angry words //
on a trail with words but fail to observe you love boo girl got body curves //
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May 11, 2006
Smelt new perfume and flew from the room to rap to some chicks
Possibly trap them quick i’m very shook and will carry their books
If they desire never play with fire but date may require knowledge
Like a door i fly open and try coping with my emotions skip garbage
Rhyme for lace in time and space I wouldn't mind a taste of your love
Like a table i’m able to take up much space and touch lace and hug
Saw a girl with butt galore boo shut the door lets do this gave her
true kiss and we off to the races with soft laces surprise this occur
I’m ready to faint after hearing petty complaints they sweaty but
Paint a picture now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH up
With kissing a lot in her life getting hot advice from her friends just
Maybe a dumb trend Gone With the Wind like CLARK GABLE must
Must have smart cable “So Frankly my Dear I Don’t Give ****” trust
Me, “SO LOOK boo you staying fine and that’s weighing on my mind
Stop playing online lets make this a date for cake can never be asinine
Wanna sniff perfume out of desperation need a hotel room reservation
Go well boom can stir a nation by listening and kissing show domination
Yo you a black Soul Sista a round basketball butt can’t shut up and dribble
Wanna fiddle a little, it’s clear folks surviving but fear driving and nibble
On a bag of chips while deer striving across the road, so much i sing
There’s no such thing as a bad song but hate is a tad bit long cats cling
On, so in the park thugs hot like spark plugs start in clubs wearing bling
Boo your Cake mad hood have to take the bad with the good, we should
Take a ride in the drop top you got black sweaty thighs

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