Black Poetry : HE SAID


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May 11, 2006
jive a lot and strive on the block but like livestock i run into beef //
this fake talk goes as a cakewalk in HIPHOP I rip shop like chain saws //
it's plain raw like Cole slaw cut butt severely corrupt sincerely this //
stuff goes into tomorrow, a menu of horror in window with sorrow brisk //
a chancy bazaar is like a fancy car it cost a lot I toss hot verses in //
ear drums but folks hear none it's clear some may listen and comprehend //
devastated by opportunity in a gated community progress must continue yall //
my rhymes cause love to exist so I go the club with this see a girl fall //
in love and this bring about things no doubt sing marriage many savage //
policies in the world today that try sway right to wrong tonight at home //
I write alone and create love when I see cake in the club as music roam //
I'm home yall mind in a stone wall time to make a phone call, put together //
materials make clever lyrical got crabby peers use savvy volunteers never //
stop rapping stuff happen wearing bling no doubt and this bring about junk //
that belong in a trunk maybe the wrong funk like GEORGE CLINTON slam-dunk //
and invent stuff, an odd guy with a thirst that modify verse, make clay //
into brick my menu is sick like the flu see a girl "HEY BOO you cake anyway //
with plenty to say got black sweaty thighs and I'm ready for pies as I tries //
to get some, enjoy the wind you have a boyfriend?" "OH MAYBE its crazy lies //
then lullaby's put me to sleep and that's when boys go deep try keep me true //
one boy had it in my mind was on mad spin he was going crazy he said a few //
that hit my eardrum, fear come may fall in love, a black Soul Sista go through //
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH, chocolate to rocket, turning like a sprocket I knew //
there were friction in here let me make my position clear, tradition dear we //
should date, you have good cake" "NAW PLAYER never cower on the beach see //
I shower my peach and have the power of speech it'll take you an hour to //
reach my panties, you wanna amuse this sweet then use the street, refuse you //
speak on that I know I'm sweet and phat and you want some, have to duck boys //
because they suck and enjoys breasts and toys with whats under my dress noise //
is made by the bed boys serenade my red lipstick and look at my hips quick //
my quotes are perfume and cause folk to assume specified functions boys trick //
me sometime have to watch the rums and wines have to pause on the lotion can't //
cause a commotion got soft black skin and that attract men, some boys faint //
he wanna kiss my lips and parade a bit but I made him quit lets jest talk //
BOO bling fuel my jewels wear a glove for love like MICHAEL JACKSON moonwalk //
soon to talk about se like SALT & peppa jest make me wanna shoop like CURRY //
and shoot hoop this boy wanna scoop up my panties but no need to worry //
just close my thighs and a rose flies across my nose toss those in the room //
my clothes has perfume and run a boy nuts he enjoy struts booty is involved //
see an affair then prepare or duck aw shucks he kissed my lips and his job //
now is to get some oh a Black Soul Sista has so much to offer and a boy's //
touch is softer my body smoke yall right here at the PEMBROKE MALL noise //
of cars rolling on VIRGINIA BEACH BLVD, strategies a must AND BATERIES PLUS //
is here to the right, never went before and the sprint store is here must //
see not an MVP but AT&T is here to wanna make me your sincere boo so trust //
me because this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH 'LOOK GIRL my car await to //
take you to the bar you a black beauty an exact cutie attract with booty true //
so I wanna wet date and gonna get cake right here in VIRGINIA BEACH hope you //
don't stop me, you phat flirting fine at a certain time mini-skirting online plenty burden to find right girl tonight twirl my finger looking for one I thirst for a dame that sweet here on first and main street “NAW PLAYER you best be quick oh yes i'm sick of hearing the wrong stuff now I'm a BLACK SOUL SISTA
at SEARS fine booty not an asinine cutie you came to play and it's plain as day you need a girlfriend to make your world spin i'm hot and legit but I'm not it, cute but drop the pursuit you hype wanna reach my butter so we like each other but folks on the beach utter different, I glow in lace although your face look while my lace hooked on your car seat lets go to the bar and eat so far its sweet talk stemming my pantie trimming is in jeopardy, a rose lead to lace its as plain as the nose on your face doors close at a fast pace”
pudding and cake was the hunch I couldn't make it to lunch i hid my thing this kid wear bling no chase “
“DEFT LIKE YODA left my soda open overnight now its flat as a strap no phat rap can come of that” he jest kissed her lips in SEARS her hips appears to be round, phat flirt greatly at work lately her mini-skirt nakedly may fall off and her body all soft after that, she said: “YOUR PUPPY is cute you a yuppie troop run with a uppity group got big eyes and you dig pies I pulled my dress down breasts renown jest crown them milky and my bra silky, you want sincere love but it as clear as mud and I fear a hug can set it off my thing already wet and soft and no not taking my panties off a boy will be able to get some if I do that they wear a true hat to represent Stetson and like the JETSON this could be UNIBLAB with puny vocab opportunity in a lab to invent some new guess I need to grab my breasts and proceed” “SO COME BOO lets go to bed and your wet lips glow red from the hood brain and attitude eat good plain food everyone dined drink a strawberry ton of wine Boone Farm while your perfume swarm my nose like bees on a honey comb it sting my bling and do things to my brain, somebody warned me that I was born to be a rapper and see a chapter unfold before my eyes want galore pies for this I adore your thighs wanna kiss


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May 11, 2006
unfold before my eyes want galore pies for this I adore your thighs wanna kiss, my flow plain I'm no brain but get good grades and do wet hood serenades, I'm shook galore wanna get my foot in the door a black Soul Sista cream spin as a means to an end, shatter minds in a matter of time serve on a platter with wines girl I need some, for today a windy start look at Cindy and Mark look happy together but this crappy weather make thing different my bling magnificent so its fury in the jewelry and boo my car await your cake a slice would be nice” “OK NO WAY I'm gonna sit in a car some girls git played like a guitar, you maybe a man of your word but your plan is absurd and I've heard it already and I'm sweaty, got smoking pies but not gonna open my thighs' “WELL why not if your pie is hot don't let them burn oh he jest kissed her lips right there in SEARS “A GIRL end up stuck in a car and boys hunts where the ducks are oh my luck bizarre when my thighs open OK lets go to the car and talk only,” he's a hustler for lace got a customer base a buster will chase a girl” “OH LOVE IS ABOUT and like a cub scout ready to camp out my thing damp no doubt revamp my stout where abouts went bought a Winnebago my cake calm bought a policy at State Farm we didn't know a moose was loose we had a couple of kids and a swing set and my thing wet so we at camp about to have sex I grab the kotex but the moose horn got tangle in the swing set jest rip the back glass out the camper STATE FARM covered it they seen a thing a two THE END OK I'm wet doe lets go to the car soften the gravel you often travel to bars, unravel my bra then the skirt trust your flirt don't ride a bus to work oh he jest kissed her lips on the passenger side wanna jerk off her mini-skirt love lies ahead he want her pies in bed and lies have misled her the wings of truth flies over his bling and roof he jest got her tongue right there in the parking lot car marking it's spot small oil leak time to begin to ride once she's inside can't hide pies, thighs everything right there mini-skirt shows a lot oh she was hot down there yo this is hotter and real like a proper meal it fill you up if you thrill then duck it's hardest on artist need tools the proceed to school cats fools at bat but no home run scored, “OH HE want pies in a hurry eyes all blurry he rubbed her thighs and worry aw girl you have some black thighs when open the facts flies choking boys they wanna be stroking making noise in bed but right now up on four wheels hardcore and real so how do you feel?” Sexy and horny

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