Black Poetry : HE SAID:


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May 11, 2006

remain dope with plain quotes can't trust sane folks lies //
have wing and tries to cling on to your life need alibi //
intensive aggression is like expensive questions no answers //
to give, got true tasks so who asks about them Cinderella dancers? //
a need to speed read to proceed to pass a course and get a straight A //
because the hate today don't involve peace and the job never cease so hey //
put on a thinking cap this stinking crap have to go grab a flow and write //
got a phat plan here at hand about a social mystery and global history //
a phenomenon fat food with common attitude is a opportunity for misery //
votes among folks which choke hope of success and cause a mess among //
the working class, make wise decisions through organized religion has hung //
and surprised civilians, now this heat is felt like seatbelts yall click it //
or get a ticket, my boss flow is like a crossbow shoot a heavy arrow to hit //
very narrow targets, this trash is exciting like a flash of lightning leaving //
jagged lines and ragged rhymes on cloud nine proud of mine while receiving //
the TEMPTATIONs CD, love a team sport see a queen need support she's in //
lace and all and like baseball need a home run not a one and done,no win //
physical recreation is like lyrical decoration it's a voice in tune with choice //
of perfume, this girl is sweet butter,must compete against another a moist //
love affair will rub her hair go to the club out of despair, amuse myself and //
use deft words, "LOOK BOO I flow soft really not a show off but go boss //
dumb haters can't rhyme, wanna taint mine a pathetic today but in a dumb //
energetic way I stay alive after all that jive I get five on the backhand side //
some dap for my rap, I soar today with foreplay, wanna get you in my grips //
and kiss your wet lips, you get to strip in my bedroom panties jest drips //
that brown sugar, CD music ballad ballistic like valid statistics today your //
breasts stay bless and under your dress is thunder and mess so lets pour //
some wine have a party I adore your fine body, with an admiring glance //
I’m desiring a romance your thing pink and fiery I think highly for a chance //
To date you have pie and cream and held in high esteem your skin brown //
Boys begin to hound maybe I can win a pound of your love boo downtown //
Wet sitting on the sofa best but can’t overstress how my breasts be poking //
dress open and finesse is choking my pride, tried affection when hoping //
In one specified direction, the position of a building can bring friction when //
Chilling leaning against it an extreme mouse in a greenhouse can spin //
My words very sick and like a heavy stick I break glass and really want //
Cake fast, flow galore then go ashore like ships this all real but don’t //
Want a small real or I would be at Burger King I’m murder with bling //
This is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH and this girl brown my thing //
Is to spin your world around, proceed hook read this book but in the middle //
Of PLATO started to fiddle with the radio a blind situation couldn’t a little //
Station with music on it turn it off can’t use it dog gone it, this is sincere //
And real like the rear wheel on a moped oh girl your lips glow red in here //
So boo git to think your juice fit to drink well then can I git the ink pen and //
Write a love letter?” “NAW PLAYER I’m a rose queen, those jeans demand //
My body so I be in-em pure denim hard fit play my card legit take a stand //
I hope to charm and like a smoke alarm I’m fitted in homes did it hands //
Down alone athletic boys use energetic toys to stay active and attractive //
Lift weights the gift great got cake and boys wanna sniff my plate inflate //
My ego, scripts clever and like a strip of leather tough and up-to date //
At the bar trap loosen my bra strap this boy in the car clap his hand //
My lips are red you wanna strip my bed and leave wet sheets get //
To heat my body wanna kiss me softly but I have a coffee cup yet //
To sip wet drips on my lips doe, sit it down on the table being //
Brown able to trap boys they rap enjoys taking me there seeing //
It all unfold you in pursuit of sex I’m cute and complex you a brute //
What’s next? Inside my thing the juice spin but loose ends and soup //
Is vital to rumble or should I jest be idle and humble? Maybe shoop //
Like SALT-N-PEPA, an affair is a taste of luck want me bare from //
The waist up” and really he prefer her in the nude so can begin some //
Rude behavior hard for a girl to elude the flavor being stark naked could //
Spark the matrix then these flagrant agents come try get some I would //
Duck them need to talk with LAURENCE FISHBURNE wish and learn //
How to escape but a rose could be true if exposed to view my perm //
Never deprived of love after I arrived to the club, boys wait to enjoy //
Cake, got a bagel wear perfume and like a tablespoon these boys //
Scoops it up without a group of luck I best stoop and duck got stuck //
In bed, one time after spending sometime wit this boy panties was up //
For grabs he had mad luck wit the vocab I got so hot down there juice //
Everywhere, kisses who created these they're like grated cheese produce //
Milk in my breasts wearing a silk dress guilt is the best way to describe //
This jive situation oh he jest got my tongue right there in the store FIVE //
GUYS to the right we’re here at FOOD LION during street time boys jive //
And creep up from behind with soft words and hypnotize the lips on pies //
I’m so hot down there panties bound to tear silk fabric,” BOO LET’S RIDE //
My car digital in part and it’s visual art like graphics and the traffic is nice //
Right now, and boo if you want the wind to hit your hot spot we can drop //
The top that’ll dry panties quick girl kisses are stored data and it don’t stop //
You stay queen display on screen this is a picture show let the scripture flow //
Grab rhymes and post witty help the growth of the city need a dose of P //
DIDDY’S CIROC girl you sweet and brown both feet on the ground I see //
I should be downtown while you move your thing around boo love is key //
“NAW PLAYER my panties wet without regret for the last few minutes you //
Do wanna be up in it, and go like lightning, flow writes are frightening who //
In HIP HOP stayed vocal and paid the local to pick me some coffee beans //
I’m a bossy queen killing you softly with cream my eyes a glossy gleam //
Tonight aroused and like a white blouse this show dirt, know a jerk when //
I see one it be fun to duck one, your hustles raw muscles in your jaw been //
Chewing I’m into doing what it take to cut cake wit a boy it’s a wonder while //
Applying cake, but the underlying rate of inflation bend a nation buckwild //
As It continues to fall yall, this stuff wreck dracula and spectacular like //
Bluebells it rings, comes to beds know the direction must show hype //
And affection make all type of correction before this take place ripe //
Fruit best describe my body I’m hearing real and like a steering wheel //
It turn me straight while you concerned about cake my luck a bright deal //
Stand upright as it heals my breasts brown and my dress stay down you //
wanna sniff a bit but not gonna lift it let your mind drift git sprung too //
From the hood with more to say boys stood in my doorway wouldn’t leave //
Ask for pudding please couldn’t tease but like what he sees wanna squeeze //
My waist right here at this VIRGINIA BEACH FOOD LION my brown lips red //
some and boys look at that as breadcrumbs I fed some now in the bed //
They comes with plans and love talk, not being in smart affairs is like //
Climbing dark stairs must watch your steps in cahoots with groups might //
Sway my opinion, boy dawgs with wig wag ears big on dew rags it appears //
Well anyway got a plenty to say in a mini-skirt today you seem together //
Me queen forever” oh he jest kissed her lips there in FOOD LION endeavors //
Await, now get her real wet tongue and get sprung her thing so hot //
Down there her body homemade chocolate grown boys afraid to rock //
It, so she all that and a bag of chips boys brag about their whips a lot //
Got flavor and vibes even the neighbors surprised this boy got major //
Lies for her ear don’t try hear that they don’t make her day behavior //
Play a part and stay as art in her skills, she’s a phat flirt at work and //
Her stats perk like coffee, oh he really wanna go crazy on it he plan //
To get some, “well I’m a girl have cake and can say go ahead and //
make my day grab my dress unbutton the back and it’s SUDDEN //
Peace to the hood oh my panties are wet in FOOD LION” a boy putting //
On a HARLEY DAVIDSON just drove by with screaming eagle exhaust //
Pipes oh gosh he really got some tongue then she couldn’t leave boss //
Words nailed her shoes to the pave lot of boy listen to blues nowadays //
Wanna be hotshots in drop tops with no roof complex work will amaze //
She’s an expert at sex flirts so she’s texted by jerks she jest say no //
Comes to love she’s highly trained a fiery dame inquiry aimed at low //
Love and beauty boys know their duty


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May 11, 2006

Comes to love she’s highly trained a fiery dame inquiry aimed at low //
Love and beauty boys know their duty he had a wiry plot that was fiery and hot like chili sauce with the ability to toss panties she’s a dame with flow lips flame and glow he wanted cake from a queen with great esteem he’s surprised at her pies being phat, she’s the flirting type with certain hype, so it’s red wine in the headlines especially bedtime, broke luck to stoke up a interest in sex HE SAID “Look boo you brown and fun and sex is bound to come TJ MAXX on the left TAYLOR DO IT is further down and girl your butter is renown wanna please your taste and squeeze your waist I’m on pace to get some, boo your toast is hotter and you the most popular girl in school probably got a WHIRLPOOL at home, girl my code stand like road plans and some potholes may exist got a plot bold with a kiss can roll this in dope paper and smoke the vapor, so your lips glow red and I wanna go-ahead and kiss them try get my your wet tongue huh? Oh a brown girl go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH I you got cream right as a queen tight and a green-light mean go I’ve seen no fence that can convince me other wise, you a lover panties damp and like a rubber stamp need ink before using think galore amusing my brain you wear hip hugger pants, a BROWN SOUL SISTA HIPS HOP A LOT when she walks a few paces in new laces a crew of faces looks on, across the lawn boss before dawn, girl you brown and witty we can roll around the city get some air no such thing as a wet dumb affair, sketch a pledge stretch my legs then go for the panties,” “NAW PLAYER this is a shook lost disaster when you took off after my lace literally chased them down and place my brown body in your car oh gosh I think you want some bad, you come mad with the love rap, my brown thighs close and my pies wants a rose you pursued my body want me nude at a party don’t be rapping it won’t happen,comes to motorcycles my bod for the wind I may panic at the bar and like ATLANTIC STARR “Am I Dreaming” about to surrender to a thug this just “Tender Love” like FORCE MD so much splendor in a club plenty stats galore and like KENNY LATTIMORE “Never Too Busy” this is a swell day and like MICHEL’LE “Something in my Heart” thighs get rubbed “Inside My Love like MINNIE RIPERTON,here in the car so much action and jive and like the JACKSON 5 i GUESS “I Want You Back” all type of listeners and like WHISPERS “It A Love Train” my game renown like JAMES BROWN “Papa Got A brand new bag” you have a plan and do rag some true quotes from HAROLD MELVIN AND THE BLUE NOTES “oH i “Hope That We Can Be Together Soon” ooh he jest kissed her lips in the car with the top dropped and got some tongue he was so sprung and wanted some and her thing was wet “aw girl you got some sweaty brown thighs and I’m down with pies” he jest squeeze her waist she can’t leave his embrace now he gives her a VIRGINIA BEACH KISS her panties got soaked "oh stop" she's so hot down there



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May 11, 2006
agree to do some love talk here in this DODGE TRUCK large duck flew
over our heads and he quack like AFLAC oh my thing is so wet right now
we both should agree on pie and see eye to eye on stuff he want it oh wow
my lips sweaty stats and red luck and like a heavy flatbed truck they hauls
a load of love and explode in clubs with kisses he think this junk calls
for a celebration couldn't close my thighs as a rose flies across my nose
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