Black Poetry : HE SAID:


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May 11, 2006

this stuff is like shifting gales it's lifting females dress tales strong wind at home been thinking thirst and hound now hear a burst of sound from the living room while in the kitchen fol to be itching for a chick like this guess I wanted a quick kiss like LL I’m witty ring bells in the city while doing it and doing it well
Getting the buttery news left me utterly confused get CNN is set to begin my eyes in collision with the television grab a steak and navigate a ship using a map and amusing with rap I’m using crap to stay afloat love to play boat in nice words steer clear of icebergs and twice I heard that goodbye to mechanics on the TITANIC try not to panic thinking while sinking my ship lost and i can’t skip across the oceans in my mind need to talk to KATE WINSLET it it begin on wet day travel by water the gravel slaughter my tires library is a study source but life is a muddy course this proves i read and move at speed faster than disaster have to duck that or get stuck at crossroads so both feet on the ground need a sweet that’s brown bring heat in a gown when she walk around maybe phat with lame rhyme but at the same time fabolous when I talk, my flow is exciting so i go like lightning to strike a chick quick with some love talk and in the club walk like a big shot, keep lyrical wise as they increase in size and at feasts realize this stuff has flavor and enough behavior to tame a jungle go fame “let's get ready to rumble” like MICHAEL BUFFER but now it’s CHRISTMAS need a stocking stuffer, craving for an affair have unshaven hair on my chin guess that’s the mark of grown men use a GILLETTE and this girl i met is still wet “SO LOOK BOO you got hot cake and like a crop of grapes i want your fine wine that was design for my lips to sip and make a trip down lover’s lane want butter and fame not a wimp when I flow quotes it’s an attempt to provoke folks in a playful way, brain in high speed i try read and it’s difficult to control the results fold my pride so boo lets roll in my ride go home and talk a little now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH need a superb date and get served cake in the process I’m a bold homey yo playing the role of ROMEO so girl let down your hair this is a wet brown affair it’s SHAKESPEARE WHOM these fake fear ”,”NAW PLAYER concerned and brown here on firm ground right here at BURGER KING in VIRGINIA BEACH FORDHAM DRIVE to the right along with STARBUCK there girl have bizarre luck with boys, i think you wanna pull down my panties and kiss my brown candies another hot crisis is the the stock prices they rise and fall you want pies and all tries to install love words in baby girl’s ear and my world appear wet no sincere regret for that, must have a body fly so boys must adjust and modify I throw dust in the godly sky just then the wind blew my skirt up boys wanna do true work up under it, not a savage or phony you want a marriage ceremony then celebrate with cabbage and macaroni so here come the bride thumbs up with pride, you wanna be a bold homey yo, playing the role of ROMEO so I guess I should jest let down my hair and be truly wet like JULIET wow handshakes can wait but my pancakes great with butter maybe i should talk to IHOP and try swap for some flap jacks got a map packed in my purse but now thirst first for a sprite, chew bubblegum a true troublesome accumulation of paperwork as the vapor perk toward a love letter written and delivered which I’ve hidden and shivered over the words well I guess its complex and my breasts are sex the flavor convince in an unfavorable sense my behavior against the world remember the dirty on november thirty this is major
These puzzling facts are like a juggling act I’m seeing apples and oranges being toss while my mind skiing across slopes of thought


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May 11, 2006
Have dense wisdom about a defense system that failed
to impress me so the stress be awesome so detailed
flow ill like a show of skills go for kills when hunting
squirrels stunting worlds of wild life then try punting
a foot-ball to the WASHINGTON REDSKINS they make
my headspin have to take excedrin with a headache
being on a static road is like a diplomatic code wow
it's all secret can't tell nobody flow at the party and chow
down on pretzels like RHONDA ROUSEY, like DMX
I'm above rim for sex politicking with this chicken on complex
issues gonna need KLEENEX TISSUES see a red bone and next
my mind ran away time to stand ans say “BOO lets date
need some wet cake jump on a jet and take one great
trip to dream land now This is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA
BEACH and girl you are a redbone and we can head home anytime
got plenty wine so I have wines of France time for romance online
met a girl at the barber now like PEARL HARBOR under attack
it was a thunder act of fatal attraction girl like Glen Close exact
copy, my luck was misled and I was struck on the head by love
first sight it was my worse night but situation in the club
started to heat up so I hit the street in my truck not a scrub
to speak proud slang is like a loud bang it hurts eardrums when
they hear some that's clear from start to finish so dumbs then
run from this
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