Black Poetry : HE SAID : my plan great like a landscape strange and unchanged for years I've had it on the carpet o


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May 11, 2006
HE SAID : my plan great like a landscape strange and unchanged for years
I've had it on the carpet of a static market price too expensive start fears
too intensive to face it's a true race against time sit st the bar yeas beers
anyone? Plenty was done to avoid failure in the paraphernalia of economics
it's a lion matter on an iron ladder working to climb to the top with bionics
like STEVE AUSTIN believe in tossing whackness out the picture so ironic
it help to be involved and accept jobs step to doorknobs to convince
residents now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH it make sense
in my speech no doubt to reach out , maybe sincere and silly but there's
mere possibility no ifs or maybes when it comes to gifts to ladies where
to start aware of my heart want a girl to share and never depart care
about love now see a hot girl that could rock my world I'm in shock
as my brain hurl, must speak as lust seek into my life I was locked
in a menu of strife” “HE SAID: “look boo you a red bone and we should
head home I'm in a dead zone no life exist need a nice kiss that good
enough to set it off then you panties become wet and soft this is hood
rap could trap you behind love talk, love signal still strong like a mobile
phone girl you flirt boys holler and undo their shirt collar just to build
muscle and still hustle the streets, so boo when it comes to kisses let
me have these while you grab the keys to the LEX and text a real wet
verse to me” SHE SAID: oh I'm a VIRGINIA BEACH red bone feel sweat
run down my thighs boys have fun with my round hips and pies yet
I survive and onslaught of love talk and in the club walk with a great
strut and shake butt we're gonna break up this date can end with cake
and a kiss, a real act not to mention it attract attention track conventions
dealing with love my skirt not up I'm alert with pot luck, hugs are tensions
that tighten up an affair, oh a redbone go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH
you brush the dirt off your shirt collar and see a mini-skirt and holler and reach
for the panties, cake is my profession out to make an impression this affair
big and wise plus digitized like a frame of video what's your name kiddo hair long


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May 11, 2006
Interesting rhyme scheme and way to tell the story of this encounter.
thanks for the comment

long” “ HE SAID: OH IT'S sweaty Fred and I'm ready for bed one kiss and we
fall in the walls are thin they can hear us oh dear we must do it soft twiddle-Dee
and boo you boss and I do toss panties in the air a lot if the affair hot you see
you a red bone a mellow yellow and this fellow want some bad so I come mad
with the love talk, she refused to speak wanna use her feet to escape she had
sweet cake, aw boo we could've been gone home I love your skin-tone dress tight
breasts right so boo you showered and dressed with powdered breast and tonight
quickly sticky with milk under a tricky quilt that folds itself I'm a bit stealth
rhyme is psychology design by technology to avoid detection by radar health
protection so far and no rejection in the car which is a drop top on dubs
so stop and hop in lets hug boo love you” “NAW PLAYER I have mad creams
and no bad dreams begin with charms and end up in your arms so extreme
alarms seem to scream the lips of my thing be wet too, so you get to do stuff
to my body you sprung and bold hung on the love scroll

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