Black Poetry : HE SAID: look boo you menu got me so into you like onions in hot stew // and my plot is to get a wet


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May 11, 2006
it was mandatory that I tell you this story that dream was extreme and it made me //
stuff I'm knowing is tender and glowing like cinders if you words become tried up like powder //
got pride will duck towers that lead no where but to corrupt affairs upstairs like clam chowder //
this stuff has flavor, a girl's heart is worlds apart as boys hurl dart that storm in the form //
of love talk, I try close my ears but a rose appears every time because I'm very fine but alarm //
about being tricked quick into bed, so here I am at the SEVEN ELEVEN on the corner of INDIAN //
RIVER AND PROVIDENCE RD I'm boss and sweet and across the streets stand FAMILY MOTORS, BENJAMINS //
are spent there and I've went where boys hang out, I boast about trust but most of us girls //
have to be alert boys see a skirt here they cum to our eardrum with love talk that will swirl //
fearsome I try not here none but some got through my panties wet as heck the last I checked //
intensive wisdom come from an expensive system never defensive on realism boys try wreck //
my pride their words are a bone crusher and like that song by USHER "No limit" when boy //
go up in it, now I'm here in the SEVEN ELEVEN with thriller and vapors boys wanna toy //
with my vanilla wafers, and stink rookies can't have my pink cookies so I duck scrubs //
just to have luck in the clubs and drop tops and trucks I love so what up you got dubs //
you wanna mingle in my butter and make me a single mother, very correct in every other //
respect could clutter a deck like mates on a ship, must escape with my hips attached smother //
your heart on pace to start the race but you jumped the gun your crunk on the one but I must //
leave this place oh he jest squeezed her waist, HE SAID "don't leave I need your body girl trust //
me you pie crust be delicious nothing suspicious about that", don't know rather he watch JERRY //
SPRINGER or not but he put his very finger on the spot, so here at SEVEN ELEVEN things are merry //
and hot, got facts every season don't know the exact reason this situation exists the devastation //
of a kiss


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May 11, 2006
well it's mandatory had to tell that story it's the glory of sex boys stand //
in line with a plan design to land me in bed out of hand to a misled fan //
your flow fly but I don't know why you bring kisses and say things that //
misses the point it's like bringing sand to the beach your stats phAT //
Maybe blind tonight but got hindsight will keep my mind right and a bat //
got wings, my beauty bring much food and has such attitude it taste great //
like a bowl of cornflakes from Battle Creek and rattle streets with cake //
my body brown and boys wanna party down so I'm wearing a thin dress and I //
win the contest, so boys stand around and plan to go down town for pot pie //
only a hot guy can do that, Virginia Beach boys interpret my speech as a perfect //
reach to make peace for a cake feast, love talk cum hot and maybe I should surf it //
like ocean waves my lotion pave the way for some cozy love at a rosy club it's legit //
my pie and HIPS HOPPING and that's eye popping, need to send me flowers and notes //
and keep powers in your quotes I showers with soaps while my lips really promotes //
love in a Range Rove listening to a tune strange kissing going over the moon //
skin brown no doubt he's trying to pound it out can walk around and until noon //
I'm jest a boo on the scene with some true cream is no new scheme then grab a broom //
and sweep the mind boys wanna go deep sometime a steamy squeeze I'm extremely pleased //
with that, your flow soft why try show off your features and now a cool breeze //
blow up under my dress having butt not enough have to strut my stuff and twerk //

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