Black Poetry : He has nasty capacity in his car trunk and bizarre funk delivered through speakers and seekers of mu


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May 11, 2006
He has nasty capacity in his car trunk and bizarre funk
delivered through speakers and seekers of music talk junk
and listen sometime find himself above the rim and deft
when kissing a girl and twisting her world put love on a shelf
one girl put tongue down his throat he almost drown and choke
he cough soft but she didn't take her panties off her body smoke
here in VIRGINIA BEACH her panties silk just candies and milk
now puzzle in here wanted to guzzle a beer and devour a pizza built
it's drastic how her elastic panties are stretched and wet silk
has appetite he felt guilt didn't know how to rap right, her lips
so kissy after a sip of whiskey now this is BLACK HIPHOP that grips
VIRGINIA BEACH in the streets and hugs secretes a film of love
use ROUND UP on his weeds hard for clowns to duck these needs, scrubs
try play, an echo is a repeated sound a gecko is a GEICO insect
his blaze bring heat fast and to graze mean eat grass so its correct
he lives in the pastures of HIPHOP and masters the tiptop of the game
then some flip-flops came 10 cents a pair he bought them and came
to the block party shock everybody far as DJ he play hits can't tame
the turntables DJ concern and able to drop a beat and bring hot heat
on the dance floor romance galore he saw a girl panties wet a lot
he was ready to lay some sick brick rap on her, she have on a mini-skirt
with plenty flirt not any old jerk can hit that, hope his love talk work
oh he gazed at her breasts and eyes which suggest pies, complexion is skin
color after a kiss then butter he try clutter her ears with love talk been
there and done that it' a fun stat but it could be a run at getting some
letting none escape at a block party uninvited mean not asked plot smash come
a chick, his groove clearer he move nearer ready to speak she's sweaty and sweet
probably got a boyfriend but then again who knows, steps calm accept the norm keep
the promise or be a cast out soft mask off, this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA
BEACH now see a chick hips round lips brown his mind trip around even in KENYA
HE SAID: look boo I'm shook over you, girl let me run your ship have fun with
your lips navigate and grab cake then float like a boat and hope to get some gift
with wetness can't let this bring me down because i wear bling around and try lift
mini-skirts that's a plenty of work" oh he jest looked at her breast so nipples
attract attention bounce around as facts at conventions rest of the milk triples
he wanted to serve and observe this hottie's body, he dodge the nasty plus he
have a large capacity like a hotel on top of that he flow well this how it be
need accurate details and a immaculate female, “so boo what you gonna do?”
“OK SHE SAID I'm down on beach as a brown peach and boys bound to reach me at
some point dangling a mystery and untangling history so banging phat
and blistery right now my skirt is down I still flirt around alert to how
a brown Soul Sista do this, one true kiss I end up in a car a boy will chow
down on that got a HIP HOP GROUP at the tiptop words droop like a black
cloak, facts fly but you want exact pie I best duck or breasts get sucked, back
up off me let me drink my coffee my thing inside pink and softly wet buy snack
or I'm gone home alone, her plan extreme visible can be seen she stand as queen
but this boy demand cream wanna take her hand it seem, so it's sex my friend redeem
like X-MEN WOLVERINE concern about you have no one to turn to when it come to
sex,” so she's at WALMART amazed which is part of a page pushing a shopping cart in rage
oh gosh she's so hot down there the juice is bound to tear her panties it jest mayonnaise
on a sandwich he's about to damage he can't manage his emotions and want potions
of love, was wit one boy the love we shared was brief and like uncared for teeth notion
didn't chew well but her new smell of perfume attracted him, rhymes raw and proud
started to draw a crowd no flaws out loud, delicious flavor conspicuous behavior cloud
her mission, having crazy lace maybe unsafe could end having a baby to embrace
she's a hot stat but no not that birth control is worth its weight in gold the chase
continue on a menu for sex, this stuff risky like whiskey many get drunk off
this funk and stagger with the swagger of a chump you wanna pump this soft
junk and splash juice and make fast use of the backseat while I act sweet and
spread my thighs it's jest bread and pies, don't try and disarm these rhymes
could do harm to your mind she's on the farm sometime in a mini-skirt find
herself flirting with cows and horses and kapow! hear voices can't lay on
the hay a farm boy may come try for some, she is queen and real at home
between meals chill for a minute boys wanna get up in it she close her thighs
until a rose flies across her nose she's boss he propose really want pies
enough to put a ring on it oh gosh she need to talk to BEYONCE lullaby's
are baby music it's gravy use it to calm her brain, she said “OK let's
go to the car but we only gonna talk anything else I'm gonna walk jets
fly while you get pie, so stop dreaming my body hot and creaming wet
hidden and shook got a list of forbidden books this cutie gitting looked
at by boys they want phat toys to play with get with the ROCK and took
some GI JOES they want pie but oh no” his car a drop top sit on dubs
that's how he's git to clubs but duck misfit scrubs baby moon hubs
do exist for his ride VIRGINIA BEACH is bizarre they reached the car
he jest kiss lips right there it was like a nightmare scared stuff so far
about to take place oh he want cake and lace oh he jest got her tongue
right at the car

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