Black Poetry : He gamble bold and handle and hold card decks and at bars wreck glasses of wine and this passes tim


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May 11, 2006
he gamble bold
and handle and hold
card decks
and at bars wreck
glasses of wine
and this passes time
being slow like molasses not a crime
he trap rhythm
with rap mechanism
his script great
and manipulate
and bent microphones
and sent them home
scared in twilight zones
starring ROD SERLING
concern about the odd hurling
this be about a girl's sandwich
now deal with the advantage
kiss on the job
but a risk involved
of having sex
while a girl grabbing the kotex
now see a brown Soul Sister
with round hips he's wearing
bling rapping
looking for things to happen
have high hope
of getting pie dope
as she try cope
with his love rap
and be in the club trap
in a mini-skirt
but plenty alert
as boys try get some
now this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH on the spot
with rhymes jest too hot to trot
he's in it for the cream
but like an Olympic team
he must run fast
just to make the fun last
so boo let me date you
throw in the cake too”
“NAW PLAYER nightly rapping
is likely to happen
you wanna check my breasts
and expect the best
milk to appear
because her body built sincere
and by the way a bed quilt is here
her aim is romance
but it's a game of chance
for love may have fame in France
hard to kiss after a lame dance
boys wanna eat my brownie
after the sweet smell of downy
from my under wear
it's thunder down there
and she's brown and aware
now this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH at the tiptop
with a speech and her panties
are wet with sweat and her candies
are a threat and boys try rap up
on some, a brown Soul Sista be stuck
in the love rap and that alone power
a boy's head they want breasts in bed a flower
awaits after the cake so like NATE
DOGG they regulate and possibly take
some cake from a naked standpoint
so really they plan to anoint
girls bodies at baby showers and parties
oh a brown Soul Sista even go to HARDEES
and boys be trying to rap
be crying for her to sit in their lap
and her panties really be hot
they plan on computer
to try maneuver
seek be true and wise
speak and utilize
love words
a girl hear this
and fear a kiss
is coming
he start humming
thinking about rumbling
in bed the smell of hamburger fill
the air as an ill affair awaits and chill
he has plan on his mind
as folk jest stand in line
to the right is KEMPSVILLE ROAD
and across it is the Library a load
of books to be read
some shook the heads
of weak minds then dreads
are twisted get combed
boys grab girls kiss it wanna go home
he said “OK BOO he maybe an unknown
yall chatted for awhile
now he wanna pat it and smile
a love addict like outcast on IDLEWILD”
'NAW PLAYER her lace is fine
this one boy wanted to taste online
put boys mind in space and time
like rocket ships
she has a chocolate chip
talking about boo
wanna like taste you
then he embraced wine
and her waistline
she was so wet down there
juice around everywhere
oh a Brown Soul Sista go through
a lot her thing so true and hot
a whole crew got stood up plot
was to have good luck if she dropped
her panties, so in the room he taste rum
while hearing the boom of a bass drum
smell her perfume looks at lace want some
he be on a ranch
and like a tree branch
part of a tree
girl give your heart to me
let me measure
your wet treasure
he can get pleasure
out of that
she no doubt phat
he can only think sex
her thing so pink and complex
all the girls are cute
but he's in pursuit
of a sweetheart
hormone heat start
sweaty she has cake and spoke fiery
ready to make a note in her diary
it's an empty dumb day
need a symphony to come my way
her thing wet and butters tissues
but she have other issues
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May 11, 2006
but she have other issues
with boyfriends, a bunch of militias
exist and sex is brisk in the club
she feels extreme love
body steam when hug
but he teams with thugs
all the love talk her drink don't last
it shrink in the glass
her thing turned pink fast
well she's alone
and she dwell at home
talk love on the cell phone
and now the doorbell ding dong
a boy came over
to play a game on the sofa
he's a scholar great
and tolerate cake
ready to holler and take
her to dream land
and make her scream is the plan
bought a dress in Philly
and to the best of her ability
she strut brown round butt


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May 11, 2006
she strut brown round butt
he want her address
so he can have access to her breasts
and try raise her dress
jest amazed at the stress
he can cause so pause lets
go to dinner boo
this is not an interview
the flavor good
in the neighborhood
so his behavior could
be that of a player
spoke mad and corrupt
then he had a stroke of bad luck
he was aware of Walmart
but need somewhere to park
so he founded a spot at HARDEES
so by chance
he want pie and romance
then try dance
and do the SHIGGY
but like BIGGY
baby! Baby! With dignity
she have pie no doubt
and that make boys cry out
and fly about
like birds on crack
she's a beauty then some
and income
is money earned
about her honey he's concerned

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