Black Relationships : He Beats What He Claims To Love. But Why?


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Apr 2, 2011
It's still happening today as it has for decades, etc. Many (Not All Black Men Remind You.) Black men are emotionally and physically:argue: beating black women , etc. While claiming to:love: love this woman he's verbally, emotionally, and physically abusing, etc. Yet, many abused black women are staying within such hellacious destructive relationships, etc. Many often end in deadly situations, etc. There are two questions here that have been asked also for decades, etc. :facepalm:Why does a man beat, demean, etc. a woman that he claims to love, etc.? And why does the:search: woman remain with this abusive man in the relationship? Any good reasoning?
Trauma...that is what is causing it. The abuser and the victim normally have experienced violence in the household at a young age. Insecurities fuel it, and power and control keep the flames going. In order to stop this, we must address both the victim and the abuser. Not minimizing the abuse, but giving help and hope to those who abuse.


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May 26, 2019
This type of family violence :argue: is happening in epidemic proportions in many inter cities, etc. Where as black men are beating and emotionally abusing black women and often their children, etc. Some women have stood up and fought back saying that enough is enough, etc. Yet, I have often wondered why so many women chose to stay in these violent relationships, etc. Often saying that they hoped that the dude would change while professing their love for this violent man. Many stayed because of their children and or lack of working ability, etc. Whereas some women just had no will to fight for herself and children, etc. Or it could be as someone stated, her low self esteem, etc. But, many bring up that word love, how she loves this man that, "apparently physically beats and emotionally abuses her", etc. Yet, most say they are in fear for themselves and their children, etc. Can it be that so many women are not doing their homework (411 check out) when meeting these men and or catching the warning signs of a potential abuser, etc. Perhaps some are blinded by his sexual abilities, etc. Yet, these type of domestic family violence continues, etc. Any reasons as to why?

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